Increase your expertise in Office 365 with task-focused cloud-based training that makes employees more productive.

Office 365 training to supercharge productivity

ClipTraining is an e-learning platform that provides users with cloud-based training courses across a variety of Microsoft Office 365 applications. It helps make new users productive faster with its innovative teaching and evaluation tools.

Key features

ClipTraining is a comprehensive e-learning suite that includes not just up-to-date content, but a range of features tailored to get employees doing the work they need to in Office 365 with maximum efficiency.

Task focused

Short videos focused on specific real-world tasks keep training relevant so that users can quickly apply what they learn in their everyday work.

Always available

This cloud-based e-learning platform provides 24*7 access to all content, enabling employees to structure their learning around busy, changeable schedules.

Searchable content

A content search function turns ClipTraining into an extensive knowledgebase, enabling employees to find the answers they need quickly.

Employee portal

Employees have access to a portal that tracks progress, keeping them motivated and helping them plan their own training.

Central administration

Administrators can control the entire e-learning experience from a central location, monitoring user activity, generating reports, and creating training assignments.


Higher productivity

ClipTraining boosts employee productivity by teaching features that they may never run across otherwise, giving them new capabilities in the workplace.

Time savings

Focused training courses help get users up to speed quickly. They can fit them in during even a few minutes of downtime thanks to the short, task-based video format.

Adapt faster

ClipTraining constantly updates its content as new products become available, creating a powerful learning platform that can help employees adapt as new Office 365 features emerge.

Employee incentives

Gamification techniques including leader boards keep employees engaged with enjoyable courses that constantly challenge them and push the envelope.

Authoritative content

All content is produced by Microsoft MVPs, giving you the most accurate and insightful Office 365 tips and techniques.

Retain knowledge

ClipTraining content is designed for user retention. Its teachings will stay with employees as they navigate everyday working tasks. Tests built into the platform ensure that they have absorbed all the relevant information.

ClipTraining add-ons

Expand the benefits of ClipTraining by considering these add-on services:


Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 combines Office 365, Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Windows 10 for an end-to-end productivity and security solution.

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Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 gives you all the productivity tools that you know and love in one simple cloud-based solution.

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Acronis Backup Cloud

Fast, simple backup for all your Office 365 and on-premises data.

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Mimecast Email Security

Advanced email security that protects your critical communication channel from online threats in real time.

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Improve your Office 365 knowledge with Cliptraining

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