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Can a move to the cloud help your business?

Cloud technology means that your business can go beyond its on-premises servers and systems. Bringing about a multitude of benefits, moving to the cloud enables you and your staff to work securely from anywhere, on any device. It’s more cost-effective, more productive and more secure than traditional IT systems.

No matter your size or your current setup, the cloud is for you.

Popular cloud services

Why move to the cloud

Moving your business IT to the cloud has a wealth of benefits that ensure you and your staff will be more productive, more secure, than ever before.

Reduce costs

Only pay for the software you need in one monthly bill.

Better teamwork

Work together on files and projects at the same time.

Work anywhere

Access your files and tools from anywhere, on any device.

Easy management

IT teams manage settings and apps in one centralised hub.

Grows with you

Easily add and remove users whenever you need.

No downtime

With 99.9% uptime, you can always work - no matter what.

Always updated

No more expensive upgrades as you only use the latest version.

Safe and secure

Cloud has built-in protection and add-on services.

The solutions you need

Now that you’ve decided that a move to the cloud is right for you, there’s many solutions to get you there. Covering productivity and collaboration, business security, and infrastructure here are our recommended vendors:

Microsoft is more than the traditional applications you know and love with a wide selection of leading IT solutions that will transform your business.

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DocuSign's eSignature solution is an easy, fast, legal and secure way to digitise signatures, perfect for all departments within your business.

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Letsignit allows you to create and manage easy-to-implement email signatures that ensures your business always looks professional.

Acronis is an industry leader in new generation data protection, offering backup, disaster recovery, and secure access solutions.

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Mimecast's broad selection of cyber resilience solutions covers everything you need to protect against today’s evolving threat landscape.

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ClipTraining offers an eLearning experience for Microsoft 365 solutions so that everyone in your business is skilled on the latest IT technology.

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