Introducing Cobweb CORE

Cobweb's new marketplace control panel

Welcome to Cobweb CORE

Cobweb CORE has been created to give our customers a fresh, clean, and new interface. Although designed to be intuitive and easy to use, we have produced a series of documents to ensure that getting started with Cobweb CORE is as straight-forward and hassle-free as possible.
Cobweb Core
Cobweb Core
Cobweb Core

Moving our customers to Cobweb CORE

The Odin control panel will be retired by year-end (31 December 2019), and we're in the process of moving our Office 365 customers to Cobweb CORE. 

The migration will involve no disruption to service, and customers will be notified of their move date well ahead of the migration.

If you're a Cobweb customer currently accessing the Odin panel - and if you haven't already - take a look at the exciting new features offered by Cobweb CORE (see below).

And you can use the Cobweb app to check whether you're Cobweb COREReady!


Getting started with Cobweb CORE

Feel free to click on any of the links below if you'd like more information about using Cobweb CORE.

And, if there's something not covered or you would like additional help,
please give the Cobweb team a call on +44 (0)333 009 5941, or email