Mimecast Email Security, Cloud Integrated

Mimecast Email Security, Cloud Integrated

Mimecast’s newest solution using AI-powered detection, defends against the most sophisticated attacks, while integrating seamlessly with M365.

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World-class email security. Optimised M365 protection.

Email Security, Cloud Integrated enhances and augments Microsoft 365’s email security protection, layering on AI-powered, best-in-class detection capabilities to block the most sophisticated attacks. And better still, it can be set up in under 5 minutes – saving both time and expensive set up costs.

Defend against…

Advanced phishing attacks

Phishing URLs & credential harvesting

Malicious attachments

Dormant email-based threats

Easily understand what emails were blocked and why

Email Security Cloud Integrated gives you up to the minute threat intelligence on what emails have been blocked, the type of threat detected, who was targeted, and the actions that were taken to keep users safe.

Empower employees with AI-powered email warning banners

As email-based threats become increasingly targeted and sophisticated, it’s essential to have layered defenses that can detect attack types — like social engineering — that go beyond the use of known-bad techniques.

Email Security CI protects employees all the way down to the point of risk, applying Social Graphing to map communications patterns, identify anomalies, and assess risk. AI-powered warning banners are then applied only to emails that warrant them and updated in real-time across devices when risk levels change

Email Security, Cloud Integrated (CI) is an Integrated Cloud Email Security solution purpose-built to give unparalleled protection for M365. Deployed in just minutes, it enhances and augments the native security that M365 provides, applying industry-leading detection to block attacks, that can evade Microsoft’s defences.

As Mimecast’s leading MENA Partner – we’ve been chosen as their beta test partner. That means we get access to exclusive pricing, so you won’t get this service cheaper from anyone else.

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