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Microsoft Security Solutions

With both the volume and sophistication of cyber attacks increasing, organisations need to ensure they have a muti-layered cyber strategy – and that’s where Microsoft comes in.

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Comprehensive security products for your business

Modernise your business security, and upgrade from traditional antivirus software to enterprise-grade security for your apps, identity, data, and devices. Microsoft has easy-to-use standalone products as well as full-featured packages to keep you secure and save you time, freeing you up to focus on what matters most: running your business.

Zero Trust across the digital estate

Microsoft endorses a strong zero trust policy. Zero Trust is a proactive, integrated approach to security across all layers of the digital estate that explicitly and continuously verifies every transaction, asserts the least privilege, and relies on intelligence, advanced detection, and real-time response to threats.


Endpoint Management





Elevate your security with Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender offers EndPoint protection specifically designed for businesses with up to 300 employees.

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Enterprise-grade protection

Protect your devices against ransomware and other cyber threats with industry-leading Defender technologies like endpoint detection and response and threat and vulnerability management.

Easy to use

Get up and running quickly with easy,  wizard-based onboarding. Out-of-the-box policies and automated investigation and remediation help automatically protect you against the latest threats, so you can focus on running your business.


Security that just works without compromising the budget. Available in two flexible plans as part of Microsoft 365 Business Premium, or as a standalone solution.

Take a flexible path to cloud management with EndPoint Manager

Endpoint Manager meets organizations where they are in their cloud journey. Secure, deploy, and manage all users, apps, and endpoint devices without disrupting existing processes.

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Cloud security across endpoints

Help protect user devices against threats using Microsoft Zero Trust technology with unique capabilities.

Comprehensive Windows 11 management

Simplify automated provisioning, configuration management, and software updates for all your endpoints.

Maximum return on investment

Take advantage of existing investments to modernize the user experience with Microsoft 365 cloud telemetry.

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