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Microsoft Azure

Build, deploy, and run applications and services in the cloud with Azure.

IT built to scale alongside your business

Most traditional hosting methods prove costly and inefficient when businesses start to demand a little bit extra. But Microsoft Azure’s cloud-based platform is built to scale alongside your business. Azure is simple to adapt and offers a host of application building blocks that will allow you to customise your IT as needed.

Why Azure?

Data storage

Azure can store any type of data – whether it is structured or unstructured – in a secure, reliable environment.

Build your apps, your way

Whether you’re building enterprise-scale applications or mobile apps, Azure’s integrated tools, APIs and analytics make development fast and simple.

Get mobile

Build mobile apps faster using continuous development and DevOps tools such as Xamarin.

Manage apps

Use the Azure portal, Application Insights and the Operations Management Suite to gain insights to help quickly monitor, iterate and manage your apps and systems.

Get data insights

Uncover business insights through advanced analytics for both traditional and new data sources. Detect anomalies, predict behaviours and recommend actions for your business.

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