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Tiger Technology Boosts Healthcare’s Medical Data Storage Cost Prognosis

Health Bridge Reduces Cloud Costs & Maintains Regulatory Compliance

Tiger Technology presents health bridge

Health Bridge Reduces Cloud Costs By Up To 70%

The Healthcare industry, which is battling with spiralling costs to meet ever tighter regulations on medical data security and storage, has an innovative solution at hand. Tiger Technology’s ‘Health Bridge’, Hybrid Cloud Data Life Cycle Management Platform, enables users to access a cloud tier at a fraction of other providers. Indeed, healthcare clients can save up to 70% on the cost of storing unstructured medical data with no vendor lock-in and no disruption to critical healthcare processes.

Digital pathology is a prime use case for ‘Health Bridge’ technology. Implementing digital pathology is complex and requires more than buying scanners to digitize slides and an image viewer. Pathology generates an enormous amount of unstructured data – petabytes for whole slide images – and requires typical data backup and retention times of 10 to 15 years. Health Bridge is a comprehensive solution that effectively use technology to improve clinical services while delivering a strong return on investment.

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Private practices, clinics and hospitals can now move archive data to the cloud in a highly cost-effective manner. They will be free from high cloud storage bills and can forget having to opt for on-premises servers and footing the bills for all their associated maintenance and management.

Health Bridge works seamlessly with any major cloud provider and supports multi-cloud scenario. The software even enables organizations with an on-premises-first mindset to adopt the hybrid cloud based on open standards and without having to re-architect workflows. While reducing cloud costs significantly, it also ensures off-site protection and data durability by moving unstructured health data to lower-cost storage tiers.

Other Benefits Include:

Enables multi-site collaboration

The platform enables collaboration on the same data across multiple locations and professional healthcare groups. Clients can build a reliable distributed storage infrastructure with the Tiger Bridge Technology seamlessly connecting local sites and the cloud.

Provides easy access cloud AI/ML for clinical decision support

Users can connect their data to powerful AI image analytics. They can leverage Machine Learning tools to effectively support clinical practice and future development.

Optimization of data storage costs

Clients can continue to use their existing local infrastructure and leverage the benefits of the cloud as patient data requirements grow without having to invest in more local storage.

Safeguards patient journey workflows

Health Bridge integrates at the level of your file system and/or network share. While your team is working, policies operate transparently in the background to replicate patient data to the cloud.

Meets compliance & cybersecurity requirements

The software ensures patient data privacy and meets regulatory requirements using HTTPS/SSL transfer protocols to connect data to the cloud and adheres to Active Directory permissions.

Seamlessly extends storage & enables access to cloud services

The technology uses vendor-neutral formats and supports any major cloud provider, any cloud tier, as well as multi-cloud deployments. It allows AI/ML and other services to connect to patient data for clinical decision and research support.

In Expert Hands:

Health Bridge is a product of Tiger Health Technology a division of Tiger Technology, an experienced European technology provider with 20 years of expertise in addressing mission-critical storage challenges across various industries. The company’s core specialization is healthcare data life cycle management, and its primary focus is digital pathology.

The company serves small business and large enterprises and currently has around 100PB of customer data under management.

Health Bridge is now available in the UAE through a tie-up with Cobweb MENA. Thus clients will have the security of Cobweb’s 24/7 support service & access to its highly certified cloud architects.

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