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Cybersecurity Training is now a Business Essential

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Let’s Go Phishing With KnowBe4 & Identify Your Weakest Links

Inhouse cybersecurity training might have once been a nice to have – that was then, this is now. Today most business operations are increasingly dependent on technology, and on their employees’ ability to use it safely. While the new age of remote and mobile working has huge advantages, it also has opened up huge gateways for cybercriminals to reap the benefits of poor organizational security postures which are aggravated by employees’ ignorance of the pitfalls.

Yet more than ever businesses need to be cybersecure if they are to comply with data protection regulations, keep their own sensitive data secure, ensure business continuity, and avoid the risk of breach-induced production downtime and the cost of repairing reputational damage and rebuilding customer confidence.

Email and poor passwords continue to be the main vectors of cybersecurity hacks. The increasing prevalence of phishing attempts and identity fraud further complicate the landscape, and all too often staff just aren’t aware of the dangers. And remember 82% of data breaches involve a human element be it exposure to ransomware, phishing, domain identity theft, email spoofing or weak passwords.

But who are your weakest links? You need to know to plug the gaps and to ensure that all your staff are on constant alert to the dangers. Employees who know how to identify, detect, and mitigate threats such as phishing, ransomware and spoofing will be able to prevent attacks on the company and its customers.

Training though can be complex, time consuming and costly – but not any more.


We’ve teamed up with KnowBe4 – the world’s largest integrated platform for security awareness training combined with simulated phishing attacks to offer a MENA exclusive, best-in-class managed service offering available on an annual licence subscription. This means we can manage your entire cybersecurity training program and create your own human firewall.

The Unrivalled Offer:

Through our managed service, we can create a foundational training program, identify your weakest cybersecurity links through tailored phishing campaigns, assess your pain points and security awareness posture, monitor effectiveness and more. License pricing is dependent on which services you opt for and the number of users you want covered.

You’ll get:

  • Baseline Testing: assessment of your users phish-prone percentage through a simulated attack.
  • User Training: the world’s largest library of security awareness training content; including interactive modules, videos, games, posters, and newsletters. Automated training campaigns with scheduled reminder emails.
  • Best-in-class: fully automated simulated phishing attacks, thousands of templates with unlimited usage, and community phishing templates. We provide access to the world’s largest library of security awareness training content; including interactive modules, videos, games, posters, and newsletters and activate automated training campaigns with scheduled reminder emails.
  • Eyes on the Prize: enterprise-strength reporting, showing stats and graphs for security awareness training & phishing, ready for management.

All this combined with Cobweb’s superior 24/7 managed service capability is a match made in corporate heaven!

Where to from here:

Remember a strong security culture and an educated workforce is your best defence against cyberattacks. You can check out our Knowbe4 offering by requesting a demo here or click here for more details.