Why Cobweb?

Wherever you are on your cloud journey, Cobweb can help.

The power and potential of cloud

We work with the power and potential of cloud.

The solutions and services we offer are cloud-based, although many integrate with on-premises services as we recognise that many businesses in today’s digital world will have hybrid solutions.

Over the 20+ years we’ve been in the cloud, technology has continued to evolve and develop, but the one constant across the years for Cobweb has been the commitment to grow with the technology.

Most importantly, we work with you, to ensure your technology meets your individual need, helps you to improve productivity and business security, and is cost effective, while providing your required level of support or managed service.

How we help...

It’s hard to keep up with the changes in technology. That’s our job. You have a business to run – so you can leave the technology to us.

To be competitive, a business needs to be productive, and in this digital age that means using the most efficient tools for the job, with an engaged, motivated workforce. It also means ensuring that your data, applications, assets and users remain secure.

And with technology continually developing and advancing, what was cutting edge even a few years ago, may well have been superseded in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

That doesn’t mean a business needs to be in a constant state of upgrade, but we can help you know when you should be moving on.

What Cobweb offer

Our services incorporate various levels of support, which you select as per your need, and so you can be confident that we will be there when you need us, with 24*7 UK-based support. We also provide managed services, enabling you to hand over your IT management to the experts at Cobweb.

We put high value on investing in our people to ensure that skills and training are up to date and are committed to developing and maintaining close relationships with our vendor partners, to ensure that we are providing the best advice in the marketplace and delivering the best technology on the market.

We’re a customer focused company, which means that you mean something to us. You are not just a customer number, but have an identity. We take the time to get to know you as a business to understand how best to serve you.

Why Cobweb?

Here’s why you should consider Cobweb first when looking for a cloud applications provider.

We understand you

We get to know our customers. We take the time to learn about you and understand your unique business needs before recommending products and services.

We're experienced

We were born in the cloud, and continually develop and evolve our services to offer cutting-edge solutions, at the forefront of cloud.

We're accessible

We provide 24*7 UK-based support, which means our teams of experts are there for you, whenever you need us.

We invest in our teams

So that they have the skills and technical expertise to provide the best advice, guidance, world-class service and support.

We're committed

To delivering the best customer experience and use feedback from reviews and testimonials to ensure we’re providing the service our customers want.

We deliver ROI

Ensuring maximum value from your investment is critical - Cobweb has the highest user adoption for Office 365 apps & features.

How we work with you

When we work with you the are typically 4 stages we go through to ensure success.

1. Discovery

We take the time to get to know you as a business to understand how best to serve you.

2. Assessment

We assess your requirements and the best way to meet these requirements.

3. Implementation

We implement the solutions identified during the assessment phase.

4. Optimise

We manage your solutions to ensure optimum usage and efficiency.

You may come to us knowing the product you want. You may want advice on how best to address your needs. Wherever you are with your IT requirements, we’re here to help.

What our customers say

We set great store by the comments we receive from customers. We use feedback to shape, develop and improve our services. See what our customers say to see if we’re a good fit for you.

Papa John's and Office 365

Pizza delivery business Papa John’s UK operation migrates from Hosted Exchange to Microsoft Office 365 with Cobweb.

iSalon and Microsoft 365

iSalon has been a Cobweb customer since 2014, on Hosted Exchange before migrating to Microsoft 365 Business Edition.