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Go from beginner to expert

Our new training packages, tailored for your business, mean that your employees are no longer beginners trying to understand the basics. They are confident, competent and unafraid of the possibilities that lie ahead of them.

Training and understanding is vital to ensuring employees are making the most from your IT investment, and not just when new software is first introduced. At every update and upgrade Cobweb are here to help so that your employees can happily embrace the changes they see.

Go from beginner to expert

What you can do

It’s common knowledge that people don’t like change and that is no truer than when a business implements a new IT system. For months, employees can be left frustrated and confused, which can ultimately result in disengagement – all due to a lack of proper guidance and training. Your IT investment ends up becoming a waste of money, time and effort.

However, incorporating training as part of your IT roll-out is an easy way to address any difficulties that employees might have in adapting to a new solution. There are a number of ways we can work with you to ensure that employees are prepared.

Level one

45-minute taster webinar that covers the basics of a Microsoft 365 application of your choice. Perfect for businesses with 25 employees or less. Essential for those brand new to the application (for example, Microsoft Teams).

Level two

90-minute webinars that covers detailed elements of a specific Microsoft 365 application of your choosing, or a basic overview of a number of applications. Perfect for businesses with up to 100 employees. Includes in-depth Q&A sessions.

Level three

A series of 1-2-1 calls and webinars that follow a training plan that is built between you, your account manager and our training professionals. Perfect for businesses of all sizes with bespoke and unique Microsoft 365 needs.

Continue training at your own pace

Training doesn’t have to stop there. With Microsoft 365, updates happen automatically and regularly so it is good regularly train employees so they are aware of any new improvements.

Giving employees the option to dip into online training courses, quizzes and videos, at their own pace ensures that they maintain their technical knowledge across a variety of business software solutions and topics, such as security.

Plus, you can monitor and assign training courses to particular individuals and departments, as well as new hires, so that no one falls behind.

Continue training at your own pace

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