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Microsoft Teams Phone

Microsoft Teams Phone is a cloud-based phone system that brings together calling, chat, and meetings into Microsoft Teams.

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Simplify communications with Microsoft’s telephony solution

Microsoft Teams Phone allows you to bring your telephony alongside your existing Microsoft Office applications so you can work from one simple platform to collaborate in real-time, connect easier and faster, and work smarter.

Call from anywhere, on any device

Microsoft Teams Phone helps your business to stay connected with voice and video calling. Teams Phone provides high-quality audio and video communication everywhere you work with seamless transitions across devices.

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One number, multiple devices

Stay connected with a single phone number across your computer, tablet, mobile device, or desk phone

Join meetings on the go

Use the unique meeting ID number to dial in remotely to meetings whilst you are out and about.

Use your own device

Choose work or personal devices – either way, you will have the same level of security.

All-in-one communication

Including unified calling, chat, and meeting features

Security, and high availability

Keep your business running smoothly safe in the knowledge

Experience feature-rich calling

Improve your customer experience with cloud calling features Teams Phone has, including:

Auto Attendant & Call Queue

Easily route callers to the appropriate person or department in your organisation

Call Park & Retrieve

Park a call to place it on hold and generate a unique code. Use the code to retrieve the call with a supported app or device

Voice-enabled channels

Collaborate and share information within the channel while taking calls in the call queue.

Connected Contact Centre

Use your existing contact center solution together with Teams Phone for a more connected contact center experience

Policy-Based Recording Solution

Stipulate when calls and online meetings should be recorded using policy-based recording with a certified partner solution for Teams.

Teams Phone With Calling Plan

Microsoft Teams Phone with Calling Plan delivers the complete phone solution. The plan includes the phone system and a domestic calling plan.

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What’s Included?

  • Phone System
  • Domestic Calling plan with 1200 minutes per user, per month
  • International calling is also available as an add-on.

Teams Phone Standard

Microsoft Teams Phone Standard incorporates the phone system features without the Microsoft calling plan. 

This option gives you the flexibility to choose your own selected 3rd party telephony carrier and calling plan, or continue to use your existing calling plan.

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Direct Routing

Direct Routing gives you the flexibility to choose your own selected 3rd party telephony carrier and calling plan.

Call2Teams for PBX/Trunks

Connect your existing PBX system or trunks to Teams Phone and continue using your existing calling plan.

Questions about Teams Phone?

We’ve listed some of our most frequently asked questions below. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Get in touch with our team!

It replaces traditional PBXs and enables key calling capabilities with a cloud-based call control system that provides the overall telephony workload for Microsoft Teams.

A calling plan provides customers with a primary phone number and calling minutes to make and receive phone calls. A domestic calling plan is included in Teams Phone with Calling Plan.

Yes, – a configuration called Direct Routing gives you the opportunity to connect voice trunks directly from your network to Teams or interconnect other telephony entities, such as call centers or analog devices.

Microsoft Teams Phone Standard is a standalone subscription (without a calling plan) that is specifically designed for this situation.

Yes. You can transfer your phone numbers from your current service provider. After you port your phone numbers over, Microsoft will become your service provider.

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