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Tenant to Tenant Migrations

We specialise in migrations for Microsoft 365 and can work with your organisation to migrate your Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business and Exchange Online.

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Ensure a well-managed and stress-free migration with Cobweb

We’ve worked with lots of business to help them migrate their data – and we’d love to help your organisation navigate through your migration project.

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Why do organisations migrate tenants?

Here are some of the reasons organisations work with us to move their tenants:

Mergers & Acquisitions

When a business merges with, or is acquired by another company, it’s often necessary to migrate data and applications to a single cloud environment.

Cost Savings

Organisations may choose to migrate to a different cloud tenant to take advantage of cost savings or more favourable pricing plans

Improved Performance

A different cloud tenant may offer better performance or scalability, leading to improved application or workload performance

Compliance Requirements

A different cloud tenant may be necessary to meet specific compliance requirements or industry standards

Security Considerations

Moving to a new tenant may offer better security features or greater control over data and access, providing increased security for sensitive data

Business Expansion

If a company expands into new markets or regions, it may need to migrate to a different cloud tenant to support growth and new requirements

Options for Migrating

We offer two options when migrating tenants – with or without discovery.

Tenant to Tenant Discovery

What this covers:

The Discovery option emcopasses the pre-migration report capability as well as our experts looking at the current tenant. We will review authentication policies directory syncronisation, app integration, Exchange, Teams, OneDrive, Sharepoint and current policies.

Why choose this option?

This discovery will be necessary if you do not have the capabilities internally to set up your tenant as a whole with all policies that affect that data, your users, and your services to ensure a consistent move.

Tenant to Tenant Migration

What this covers:

If your goal is just migrating a workload and therefore does not require a tenant-to-tenant discovery, or your source of data is on-premises (e.g. a file share) that needs a data migration to your 365 tenant, the Tenant to Tenant Migration option will be best for you.

Why choose this option?

In this scenario we run software to provide a pre-migration report to ascertain if there’s any issues migrating your requested data.

Types of Migrations

There are two options when it comes to migrating – Cutover or Staged. Our team are on hand to advise which scenario would best fit your situation, so please get in touch and we’ll be able to advise.

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Cutover Migrations

Cutover migration refers to moving a single application or workload from one cloud environment to another. Cutover is where the migration implements at a single point in time on a specific day.

Staged Migrations

Staged migration refers to a migration approach where your business would move applications or workloads in stages to
new cloud environment.

Support at every step

Pre Migration

We provide support for
communication plans to ensure the right messaging is received by the right people

During Migration

We can provide onsite
support for device reconfiguration

Post Migration

We can provide ongoing training to help you make the most of your new environment