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Do business safe in the knowledge that you’re protected against technological and physical disasters. Acronis helps to protect your business from accidental file deletion, malware, and ransomware.

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Keep your data safe with the power of cloud

Acronis Cloud Backup backs up your data from Office 365 to the Acronis Cloud, providing an extra layer of protection for your critical data. It protects you from accidental file deletion, malware, and ransomware, giving you complete peace of mind in the cloud.

Acronis Backup Cloud

Small and large businesses alike use Acronis Cloud Backup to protect their data from digital and physical disasters. Here’s how:

SAAS based

Acronis Cloud Backup is a simple SaaS solution with an easy setup process. There’s nothing to install and no hardware to buy.

Complete support

Acronis Backup can back up anything. Use it to back up Office 365, Windows, Linux, and Mac computers, virtual machines, servers, and even mobile phones.


Acronis ensures that your data is safe, with multi-level encryption and a deeper level of intelligent protection through the utilisation of AI-based anti-virus to protect against ransomware.

Third-party integration

The Acronis Backup Gateway stores backups in the Acronis cloud infrastructure, third-party cloud environments, or alternative off-site storage to suit their compliance and risk requirements.

Multiple backup methods

Acronis supports a range of backups from individual files through virtual machines to an entire operating system and its applications. Controls let you back up and restore emails, files, sites or attachments.

Cloud-based disaster recovery for bullet-proof businesses

Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud is a sophisticated service built on top of Acronis Backup Cloud that runs your data and applications while you get back on your feet.

Acronis Disaster Recovery

Acronis is a trusted brand in the DRaaS space. Here are some of the features that make its cloud-based disaster recovery service a go-to solution for so many companies:

Recovery orchestration

A drag-and-drop editor provides a simple way to define groups of computers and recovery workloads so that you can put your disaster recovery plan into action quickly.

Workload support

Support for physical and virtual workloads enables Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud to support all the assets in a modern IT infrastructure.

Backup cloud

Get all the features of Acronis Backup Cloud, including instant restoration and active protection against ransomware using AI threat monitoring technology.

Simple pricing

A simple pay-as-you-go pricing structure makes it easy to set up and support your disaster recovery plan. Protect —and pay for — only the servers you need with the Acronis service.

Fast testing

Cloud-based servers combined with the recovery orchestration interface make it possible to run disaster recovery tests quickly so that you can be sure your protection will work in an emergency.

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