Mimecast Archiving A1

Make your data work for you

Secure your data and stay compliant


Many businesses struggle, trying to cope with overwhelming amounts of email and other unstructured data. Archiving enables you to manage that data more efficiently, improve workflows and ensure compliance.

- 74% of organisations have been ordered to produce employee email as part of legal action

- 32% do not have policies or systems in place to prevent employees from deleting important content

- However, 33% say extracting insights from archived data will drive adoption of archiving solutions over the next two years.*

The Mimecast Cloud Archive allows you to collect data from multiple sources and uncover deep insights that enable better business decision-making.

*Mimecast data https://www.mimecast.com/resources/infographics/dates/2016/8/5-common-misconceptions-about-email-archiving/