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Email remains the most popular method of communication within businesses, which is why it is essential that all content and communication be secure, and users comply with evolving data privacy regulations.

Mimecast understands that email today is more than just sending and receiving messages. It offers a range of solutions and services spanning migration, security, archiving, continuity and productivity to help companies protect their vital data and remain compliant in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Mimecast is the always-on, Integrated Cloud Suite, which reduces the complexity of protecting your business from cyber-attacks, data leaks, data loss and downtime.

Key Features


Mimecast's Integrated Cloud Suite provides everything you need to safeguard your company and employees against advanced cyberattacks and ensure business continuity and compliance - all from one cloud platform.



Email Security

While email is the number-one application used to communicate both inside and outside the perimeters of the business, it is also the number-one vector for cyber attacks.

Mimecast Email Security Services provide critical defence against spam, commodity, as well as targeted email attacks. It’s designed to address the most complex email threats, providing a level of protection allowing you to focus on growing your business.


Archiving, Risk & Compliance

As the volume of email grows, businesses are storing more information than ever. With strict new data privacy regulations in force, companies of all sizes need a comprehensive solution for retention, encryption, discovery and data recovery – or face potential huge fines and reputational damage.

Mimecast Cloud Archive is a highly secure, scalable and easily accessible cloud archive that helps businesses meet increasing data retention, compliance and legal requirements.



Business Continuity

With email the lifeblood of many businesses’ communications, employees’ productivity drops away if it goes down, along with potential lost revenue customer service implications.

Mimecast Mailbox Continuity ensures email flows without requiring a significant investment in disaster recovery or managing complex, redundant systems. Employees continue to access email as usual and often are unaware a problem has even occurred.

One Experience


Employee Productivity & Mobility

Employees today demand anytime, anywhere access to information. At the same time, IT departments must protect the company against cyber-attacks, and enforce corporate governance and compliance policies to mitigate further risk.

Mimecast offers a set of intuitive desktop tools and mobile applications to enable employees to work smarter and respond more quickly whether in the office or on the road, while administrators retain full centralised control.





Whether upgrading your mail server or moving to a cloud-based email system, migrations can be complex and risky. Traditionally, mail systems go offline, disrupting productivity and impacting performance while valuable corporate data stowed within mailboxes and archives can be lost when moving from legacy applications.

Mimecast ensures uninterrupted access to email services during migration and continues to apply security and archiving policies across both environments.