Cobweb Remote Desktop

Your Windows desktop in the cloud

Your Windows 10 operating system accessible from anywhere

Cobweb’s Remote Desktop gives you a PC with a familiar Windows desktop in the cloud that you can log into from any device, from anywhere in the world. Run all your favourite applications while reducing costs and IT infrastructure requirements and enhancing security.

Key features

Cobweb’s Remote Desktop service moves your conventional PC hardware to the cloud, offering several features that you will find beneficial for your business.

Duplicate desktops

Duplicate components of users’ virtual desktops so you can keep them up and running during operating system maintenance, reducing downtime and maintaining user productivity.

Elastic storage

Each virtual desktop’s storage space can shrink or grow depending on the user’s needs, making capacity issues a thing of the past while minimising storage costs.

Central administration

Manage all users’ desktop environments from a single console, increasing security and control.

Configurable timing

Administrators can turn off the Remote Desktop service outside office hours, saving computing time and costs.

Centralised backups

Backups are easier in the cloud. Administrators can back up virtual desktops easily and centrally.



Lower costs

By turning off parts of the solution at night, administrators can save money. Plus, centralised management reduces the cost of human operators.

Flexible working

Our Remote Desktop service means that employees can access their applications and data wherever they are. They get the same business desktop they’re used to from their alternative device.

Safer data

Centralised data storage reduces the danger of employees losing data through stolen or lost laptops or removable backup media.

Hardware savings

Employees can access virtual cloud desktops on most devices, meaning that you don’t have to invest in the latest, most expensive endpoint hardware.

Cobweb's Remote Desktop Service comprises four phases

Our Remote Desktop team will:



Our team of experts will work with you to understand your desktop environment, examining your existing hardware and applications, along with new technology requirements. Then, we will design a solution and work with your team to create a deployment plan.




You don’t have to shoulder the technical challenges of deploying virtual desktops alone. Based on the output of the assessment phase, we will deploy your remote desktop solution, and add application servers as required should your needs expand. We will also migrate your existing applications and users to the new environment.




We will configure automation policies to turn parts of the solution on and off as required for cost savings. We will also monitor performance and costs to keep employee desktop environments running efficiently.




We offer several options as part of our Managed Service for Remote Desktop, tailored to your needs. Select from services including monitoring of desktops, application servers, and backups. We manage security and updates, offer reactive support, and assess optimisation opportunities.


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Why Cobweb?

Here’s why you should consider Cobweb first when looking for a cloud applications provider.

We understand you

We get to know our customers. We take the time to learn about you and understand your unique business needs before recommending products and services.

We’re experienced

We were born in the cloud, and continually develop and evolve our services to offer cutting-edge solutions, at the forefront of cloud.

We’re accessible

We provide 24*7 UK-based support, which means our teams of experts are there for you, whenever you need us.

We invest in our teams

So that they have the skills and technical expertise to provide the best advice, guidance, world-class service and support.

We're committed

To delivering the best customer experience and use feedback from reviews and testimonials to ensure we’re providing the service our customers want.

We deliver ROI

Ensuring maximum value from your investment is critical - Cobweb has the highest user adoption for Office 365 apps & features.