Streamline Licensing


Reorganising Microsoft IT licensing into an efficient, cost-effective structure

Don't get stuck in traditional licensing

Traditional Microsoft IT licensing can be complex. And, with varying licensing options available - ranging from MOLPs to Open Value licensing agreements - not only complex, but often overly expensive.

Applications and devices are bought, users added and deleted as required, often resulting in:

a jumble of licences that are

held with numerous vendors with

differing renewal dates and

 licensing diverse software versions

Cobweb's Streamline Licensing Service helps businesses re-organise their Microsoft IT Licensing into an efficient, cost-effective structure, with billing from one central vendor.

Why streamline your licensing?

Streamlining not only addresses issues and problems with current licensing arrangements,
but brings a number of further benefits:

Over licensing


Addresses over-licensing

Under licensing


Addresses under-licensing

Rising on premises IT cost


Reduces costs, for example,
by moving expense from CAPEX to OPEX

One-vendor efficiency


Creates one-vendor efficiency

Holistic advice from cloud experts


Holistic advice from cloud experts

Microsoft compliancy


Ensure Microsoft compliancy

Cobweb's streamline licensing service


The service enables businesses of any size to address problems that can arise due to a legacy and complex licensing structure, and to benefit from the additional advantages streamlining can bring.


The service is aimed at customers looking to move to the cloud entirely, and those wishing to stay in a hybrid state.


The service comprises four phases:




We ask you to send us your licensing agreements and server infrastructure information.


We will check that each licence is relevant and identify where you're under-/over-licensed.

We will also recommend where licence migrations. or rehosting solutions would be appropriate. 



Based on the assessment phase, we will migrate your licensing requirements and assist in migrating any identified solutions.


Our customer have access to a wealth of product information and free educational events, while we also provide an optional managed service, incorporating support levels tailored to suit individual need. 

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