Remote Desktop Service 

Your Windows desktop in the cloud

Your Windows Desktop in the Cloud


Cobweb's Remote Desktop gives you a PC in the cloud that you can log into from any device, from anywhere in the world.


Remote Desktop provides a familiar Windows desktop and enables you to run all the programs and applications you run on a normal PC or laptop - while you reduce costs and IT infrastructure requirements, and enhance security and productivity. 


Cobweb's Remote Desktop Service is an implementation of Microsoft Remote Desktop service running in Microsoft Azure, and can be built for a handful of users to up to several hundred.

Why use a Remote Desktop?


Our Remote Desktop service can help you to:


identity management

Lower costs


Support mobile workers in the field

Identity management

Access high-end hardware without
supplying and managing locally

cloud services

Replace an aging or out-of-support
legacy platform

With Cobweb's Remote Desktop, benefit from:

Seamless sign on

Optimised costs as parts of the solution can be turned off at night/weekends to save money

office icon

Improved data safety and increased storage flexibility to meet individual need

Password protection

Enhanced security as the solution can be centrally controlled, managed and updated