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Reliability, flexibility, scalability - reduced costs, increased security
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The Cloud Industry Forum paper, Cloud – The Next Generation, reports that the last seven years have seen “the levels of cloud usage accelerate dramatically. We have reached a point where almost all organisations are consciously using cloud-based services to some extent and are realising significant benefits in terms of flexibility, agility and cost as a result.”


Increasing numbers of customers are turning to the cloud to meet business strategy and growth goals - with, in particular, a substantial rise in the number of businesses moving on-premise IT infrastructure to the cloud.

Optimising your IT Infrastructure delivers

Increased Agility


Increased Agility

url protect


Enhanced security

Lower Costs


Lower costs

Cobweb can help you move your on-premise systems to the cloud - where you can leave it safely in the hands of experts.


Why move on-premise IT infrastructure to the cloud?

Various potential triggers can prompt organisations to move on-premise IT Infrastructure and applications to the cloud - such as:


Storage capacity limitations


Security threats


New compliance regulations


Rising on-premise IT infrastructure costs


Increased agility required to deliver business growth


Complex availability and disaster recovery needs


An aging or out-of-support legacy IT infrastructure

Let Cobweb help you move your on-premise IT services to the cloud - so you can focus on your business.

Infrastructure Modernisation

Infrastructure-as-a-Service - lift, shift and optimise

Database Modernisation

Moving SQL Server 2008 & Windows Server 2008 to Microsoft Azure

Remote Desktop

Access your desktop (files, business apps and emails) from any location

Cobweb Complete for Azure Managed Services

Comprehensive ongoing solution support for Cobweb Azure services

Our Approach

Cobweb can advise on the most appropriate roadmap for modernising your infrastructure, using our four key-stage programme:


1. Assess


We gain a full understanding of your business, assess your existing infrastructure, identify a desired future state IT roadmap, and propose a new cloud solution.

cloud services

2. Migrate


We will use one of the following to move your infrastructure to the cloud:


Rehost: 'lift and shift'

Refactor: Platform-as-a-Service

Replace: Software-as-a-Service.

identity management

3. Optimise


Analysis and monitoring to manage cloud spend and use, and use of security and management tools to govern, secure and monitor your cloud investment.

Seamless sign on

4. Manage


Cobweb's optional managed services include ongoing monitoring services, reactive support, security and patch management, and backup.

Optimising your Infrastructure with Cobweb


Our experts help at every stage of your cloud journey – from planning and assessment, to
implementation, knowledge transfer and managing your cloud environment over the long-term.


We offer cross-disciplinary expertise that considers your current environment and goals to design an
appropriate strategy and solution for your business.


Talk to a member of the team about how we can help you optimise your infrastructure



Latest Cobweb News

Microsoft 365 | August 2019 updates

Sep 6, 2019, 14:41 PM by Chloe Mustafa
Dark mode for Outlook mobile and office.com is finally here! Discover the details plus other updates in this blog.

August has seen improvements to the Microsoft 365 package for enhanced productivity, collaboration and security. If you are only familiar with Microsoft Office 365, you should know that Microsoft 365 is the more comprehensive digital workplace solution that incorporates everything from Office 365 alongside a bunch of other powerful tools and solutions. Like everything from Microsoft, this is regularly updated, and here's what arrived in August.

Work-in-progress slides/diagrams

If you are tired of stamping 'DRAFT' on your work-in-progress models/diagrams, you'll welcome the new Sketched Shapes feature. It's an Office style that transforms ordinary shapes in Word, PowerPoint and Excel into sketch-like outlines that look hand-drawn. It's easy to use, and is being rolled out to Windows and Office Insiders.

Quick retrieval of data in Excel

The VLOOKUP formula in Excel has been criticised, and Microsoft has responded with the new XLOOKUP formula. A successor to both VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP, this new formula leverages recent changes at the backend to decrease calculation time, and it's now available for Office Insiders.

PowerPoint on the web: subscript, superscript, change case

Previously, only the desktop app for PowerPoint provided the function to implement subscript, superscript and change text in slides. This was a real problem for people who wanted to communicate information and equations via PowerPoint on the web, and it has now been addressed.

FastTrack guidance streamlines the migration to Windows 10

The process of updating or upgrading complex tech environments can be daunting, so Microsoft has provided FastTrack guidance to help. It is focused on helping users upgrade from a Windows 7 + Office 2010 setup to a Windows 10 Enterprise + Office 365 ProPlus one.

Additionally, new Microsoft datacentre capabilities help meet data residency requirements for customers in South Korea, South Africa and UAE. Your Microsoft representative will be able to give you details on data residency features.

Enhanced Yammer experience on mobile devices

Working on the move is more important than ever, and Microsoft has now launched an enhanced Yammer mobile experience. It delivers live events, enhanced encryption, updated feed/conversation views, group search and much more to the app for Android and iOS devices. The features greatly enhance the Yammer mobile experience, and are now available to be explored and used.

Graphs, shapes and Outlook meeting info arrive on the iPad app for Microsoft OneNote

OneNote for iPad now allows you to insert various shapes for a number of purposes. It is done through the Draw option in the OneNote app. Additionally, you can post Outlook meeting details, including attendees, subject, time and more. When you use OneNote on iPhone, you can now use the Ink functionality. This enables you to use your stylus or just a finger to annotate naturally while mobile.

Dark Mode for Outlook mobile and Office.com

The new Dark Mode feature will make Outlook Mobile and Office.com less taxing for the eyes in certain environments. It may even extend valuable battery life, and allow you to use your phone in environments where a bright screen isn't appropriate.

Other updates

  • New features to simplify Office activation for Office 365 ProPlus, and Office 365 Home/Personal.
  • Microsoft Intune can now help prevent unauthorised access on MacOS startup discs with FileVault disc encryption support.

With the Microsoft 365 Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S) solution, you get a continually-updating solution that gives you a comprehensive digital workplace for your staff. It's a great tool for businesses of all sizes, and you can get the latest on all the updates right here.

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