Always-on email protection

Email is the lifeline of your business, but it is also the most common way for cyber criminals to infiltrate your organisation.

While email today comes with a basic level of security, often it’s not enough to protect your business from today’s advanced cyber threats. With attacks increasing in complexity and frequency – even against small companies – an additional level of protection ensures peace of mind.

Mimecast’s always-on Integrated Cloud Suite provides everything you need to safeguard your company from cyber attack, data loss and downtime to ensure your employees remain productive, and your business is secure and compliant.

Why Mimecast?

Security threats


Prevent Attacks: 

Detects spam email and malicious URLs that email systems’ own security can miss


Increased agility


Provides continuity: 

Enables email to continue flowing even when email servers are down because of an attack, an outage or planned downtime




Ensures compliance: 

Safeguards important information including financials, customer data and Intellectual Property


Seamless sign on


Maintain employee productivity:

Doesn’t stifle productivity by preventing authorised users from quickly and easily accessing data they need