Mimecast Email Archiving

Makes archiving easy

Email archiving is important to be able to reduce email storage costs, enable employees to retrieve data faster and provide peace of mind that your emails can be recovered in the event of data loss. Moreover, businesses want to make sense of, and get the most value from their growing volumes of data.


The Mimecast Cloud Archive is a secure, scalable and easily accessible cloud archive that collects data from across your organisation so you can gain deep insights into your business, and meet your data retention, compliance and legal requirements.


With the highest security and cloud accreditations, Cobweb can help you ensure the integrity and security of your data while maximising its business value.

Key Features

ediscovery and compliance


E-Discovery & Compliance


Mimecast helps you meet today's legal and regulatory challenges while reducing the cost and risk to your business.


Backup & Recovery


Mimecast Sync & Recover for Exchange and Office 365 is a cloud-based solution that leverages archive data to simplify recovery, reduce costs and improve business continuity.


Storage management



Storage Management


Businesses are struggling with an explosion in volumes of email and other data – Mimecast Cloud Archive frees up IT teams and helps organisations meet demand for email availability, retention and retrieval.




Productivity & Mobility


Businesses today demand a balance between security and flexibility . Mimecast empowers employees to manage their email through application integration and native mobile apps, reducing the admin burden and boosting productivity and collaboration.