Mimecast Cyber Resilience for Email

Email is the fuel that keeps your company running. Keep it secure, backed-up and available with a solution that provides three powerful protection tools for one simple price.

Safe, secure, always-on communications

Mimecast Cyber Resilience for Email provides three layers of protection for your business communications. It defends email against online attacks like malicious attachments and scammers, backs it up to protect against deletion, and keeps it running even when your provider goes down.

Mimecast Cyber Resilience for Email key features

Mimecast Cyber Resilience for Email provides all the protection you need for your critical email system in one easy cloud-based service. Rather than buying backup, threat protection, and continuity services separately, these integrated services work seamlessly together and mean that you only have one supplier relationship to manage.


Threat Protection

Protect email from advanced threats including phishing, malicious URLs, infected attachments, and social engineering attacks.


Keeps email accessible even if your primary email service provider suffers an outage.


Automated recovery of emails and associated data resulting from accidental or malicious deletion or corruption, including one full year of email data recovery.

Simple Licensing

Mimecast Email Security and Archival is available on a per-user subscription model, reducing complexity and simplifying your budgeting process.

Email security: from phishing to fraud - don't be left o...

Email remains the most popular method of communication in the workplace – and the most common method for cybercriminals to launch attacks.

Mimecast Cyber Resilience for Email benefits

If the company email service goes down, it won’t take employees long to notice. If an employee deletes a critical email accidentally, your help-desk will have another problem call to deal with. If email-borne malware infects an employee’s device, you won’t know until your network is overrun. Mimecast Cyber Resilience for Email helps you to solve all of those problems in one simple cloud-based service.

Cloud Resilience

Mimecast’s email resilience services live in the cloud, creating an extra layer of protection for your email services by backing it up and making it available in a second location.

Minimal Investment

Simple subscription-based payments for this cloud-based service mean that there’s no hardware to buy and nothing to put on your balance sheet.

Threat Intelligence

Mimecast’s URL scanning service is protected by up-to-the-minute threat intelligence services that gather information on malicious sites from around the web.

BEC Protection

Business email compromise, also known as CEO fraud, has ravaged companies and cost millions of dollars. US companies lost over $1.2 billion to email scammers in 2018 alone . Mimecast’s email scanning service protects your valuable data by alerting you to suspicious email requests.

Fight Ransomware

Email is a popular delivery mechanism for ransomware that can lock up a company’s critical files for good. Mimecast’s email scanning services can help prevent this damaging form of attack.

Mimecast Email Archiving add-ons

Archiving should be an integral part of your productivity solution. Combine Mimecast Cloud Archive with a range of other cloud services for data preservation across the board.

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