Mimecast cloud services

Cybersecurity for email, data and web

Mimecast protects businesses by offering an all-compassing approach to cybersecurity. Their services are designed to ensure that business information flows continuously through inboxes safely and securely. Mimecast’s broad-based, multidimensional cyber resilience strategy covers everything you need to protect against in today’s evolving threat landscape, from a single cloud platform.

Cybersecurity for email, data and web

Solutions to protect your business

Email Archiving

Your email data is always available with Mimecast’s secure cloud archive that accessible from Outlook on any device.

Advanced Email Security

Defend your business against phishing, malware, spam and other attacks thanks to innovative apps and policies with multi-detection engines and intelligence feeds.

Data Leak Prevention

Ensure no data leaves your business unintentionally by scanning all email and file attachments and identifies potential leaks.

Email Continuity

If your emails go down, rest assured that that you will have uninterrupted access to live and historic email and attachments.

Web Security

Stop malware and inappropriate web use and help mitigate shadow IT risks, with URL scanning and threat detection.

Cyber Awareness Training

Human error is the main cause of security breaches which is why training is so important and plays a key role in reducing the risk of a cyberattack.

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