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Cobweb's Azure offerings

The Azure marketplace can be confusing, with its breadth and depth of offerings, and make it difficult for businesses to know where to start. So, Cobweb has developed some Azure- based offerings to introduce you to the potential Microsoft Azure offers.

Each service comprises an assessment, implementation, optimise, and management phase, to create a solution to meet precise business need.

Azure - delivering endless opportunities

Microsoft Azure is a set of continually growing and evolving set of cloud services and platform on which today’s forward-thinking business can build and implement tools and applications, on-premises and in the cloud.

Security and privacy features are in-built, and Microsoft delivers industry-leading regulatory and compliance functionality, while Azure offers scope for the limitless development of scalable, compute and storage services.

Cobweb Azure Identity & Access Management

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) is Microsoft’s central authentication platform for delivering security, identity and access management across device and infrastructure, for applications implemented in the cloud, on mobile, on-premises. Azure AD enables businesses to manage user identities and to develop intelligence-based access policies.

Cobweb’s Azure Identity & Access Management service delivers directory synchronisation between on-premises Active Directory and Azure AD, enhanced security (to include implementation of multi-factor authentication), and third-party application integration.

Cobweb Cloud Backup

Backup is the copying of data (systems, applications, and user-created content) to a second location, and which can be restored in the event of the loss or corruption of the original data.

Whether a business’s data is on-premises or in the cloud, Cobweb’s Cloud Backup solution will protect that data by making regular copies, stored in a separate physical location. Recovery is an easy process, and with Cobweb Cloud Backup, costs are significantly reduced compared to those of traditional backup solutions.

Cobweb Disaster Recovery Service

A disaster recovery strategy defines the steps needed for a business to be back up and running following a critical incident, with IT recovery an essential element.

Disaster recovery strategies will be as individual as the business itself, and due to the agility and flexibility cloud offers, increasing numbers of businesses are turning to the cloud to address these requirements. Through our Cobweb Disaster Recovery Service, we help businesses to plan and implement a disaster recovery solution, and provide regular quarterly or annual tests to ensure the businesses can continue to operate in the event of a critical incident.

Cobweb Infrastructure Modernisation

Cobweb’s Infrastructure Modernisation service has been created to support a business looking to address IT infrastructure challenges, and to meet business growth and transformation goals, by moving to the cloud.

Whether migrating a single on-premises server, a small comms room or a full-blown data centre, businesses benefit from increased agility, enhanced security and lower costs.

Cobweb Database Modernisation

The main reason for organisations to modernise their database platform, is to address shortcomings created by an out-of-date, less agile on-premises solution. Through upgrading legacy on-premises database technology, businesses consolidate their environment, and optimise performance, recovery, and provisioning, while keeping costs to a minimum.

Cobweb’s Database Modernisation service enables businesses to modernise their on-premises database platform by migrating to Microsoft Azure. With SQL Server 2008 now out of support (since July 2019), and Microsoft having announced an end of support date for Windows Server 2008 of 14 January 2020, now is the time to transition to the cloud.

Cobweb Remote Desktop

Cobweb’s Remote Desktop gives businesses a PC in the cloud, that can be logged into from any device, from anywhere in the world.

Providing a familiar Windows desktop, and running the programs and applications run on a normal PC or laptop, with Remote Desktop, a business can reduce costs and IT infrastructure requirements, while enhancing security and productivity.

Cobweb Complete for Azure Managed Services

Cobweb Complete for Azure Managed Services is a comprehensive ongoing support service for Cobweb’s Azure offerings, designed to help organisations maximise the benefits of moving to the cloud.

Services include advanced monitoring and management, platform maintenance, performance troubleshooting, reactive support, recommendation implementation, and service management.

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