Microsoft Voice Services for Enterprise

Enabling call control and PBX capabilities in Office 365 with Microsoft Teams, for organisations with 300+ users

PBX without the complex, expensive equipment

Microsoft Voice Services for Enterprise provides the technology for enabling call control and PBX capabilities in Office 365 with Microsoft Teams for enterprise customers (organisations with 300+ users).

Microsoft Voice Services for Enterprise (also known as Phone System) in Office 365 gives you PBX capabilities without the complicated and expensive equipment, and is incorporated as a function within the Office 365 E5 SKU, and available as an add-on with the Office 365 E3 SKU.

Three options for external calling

1. Calling Plans

Calling Plans operate within Office 365, and therefore do not require an on-premises server deployment. You have the choice of using a domestic or domestic and international calling plan, assigned to each user. Calling Plans in Office 365 enable you to search for, acquire, and assign phone numbers to users in your organisation, so that users can make and receive phone calls from contacts within and outside the organisation.

Minutes available for calling plans:

  • 120 minutes domestic calling plan
  • 1200 minutes domestic calling plan
  • Domestic and international calling plan: 1200 minutes of domestic – OR – 600 minutes of international calling (whichever is reached first in the calendar month).

2. Direct Routing

If you wish to purchase minutes outside Microsoft Calling Plans, Cobweb offers a direct routing service – provisioned through several vendors – to offer flexible tariffs to enable you to tailor calling plans to how your business works, purchasing minutes per user or for your entire business.

3. Use your existing PBS system with Call2Teams

Quinifi’s Call2Teams allows customers to use an existing PBX system, handsets and phone system features, to make and receive calls through Microsoft Teams.

Key benefits

A major benefit of moving to Microsoft Voice Services for Enterprise, is that you’re unifying communications within the Microsoft Office 365 team hub, Teams, created to enhance productivity. Users are able to place and receive calls, transfer calls, and mute/unmute calls, using mobile devices, headset with laptop or PC, or a Teams certified handset, while remaining in the team hub. Administrators can also manage calling options and settings from the same console used for messaging and collaboration.

All-in-one communication

Including unified calling, chat, and meeting features

Significant cost-savings

Eliminating the need for on-premises equipment

Easy number transfer

Simple to port existing numbers from a current service provider

Handset flexibiity

Use handsets, headsets, mobiles

Simplified comms structure

Managed via the Office 365 admin console, plus centralised billing

Security & privacy

Protect your business with built-in compliance features

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