Cyber Security Audits & Reviews

Audits & Reviews to keep your business secure

The threat from cyberattacks is constantly growing and ever-evolving. A review of your organisation’s IT environment is a good first step to discovering and addressing potential security concerns.

Our security reviews and workshops help you gain visibility of improvements that can be made to ensure the threat to your business remains minimal.

And whether you’d like us to simply make you aware of how secure your current environment is, or if you’d like to work with our team of experts to help you start implementing solutions to improve your security, we have options to suit all businesses.

Secure Score Review

Our ‘Secure Score’ review is a great place to start for organisations that would like a top-level assessment of how secure their current IT environment is. We’ll take you through what your current setup is marked well for, and where you have room for improvement.

For the areas in which you could improve, we’ll make sure to let you know why these recommendations will help strengthen your security, along with the business impact, benefit and costs associated with implementing the actions.

Tenant Review

Cobweb’s Tenant Review helps you gain in-depth visibility of your existing tenant configuration and security recommendations. This can help to formulate a plan for improvement and roadmap for deployment of security enhancements, additional features and even migration of additional services to Microsoft 365.

Our experts will review each area of your business and provide personal recommendations to ensure you are set up to be as secure as possible, and help you understand how to make the most of the features available to you. The reviews are broken down into 5 core areas:

  • Identity & Access Management
  • Threat Protection
  • Information Protection
  • Security Management
  • Cloud Apps and Productivity

Security Workshops

Our security workshops include the full Secure Score and Tenant review, with the addition of a half-day session to talk through the outcomes for your business with our team.

We asked Cobweb to run our Office 365 tenant through their Tenant Review process because it is such a complex and multi-faceted set of tools - we wanted to be sure we were using it in the safest and most applicable way. The report and discussion we received were incredibly insightful and helpful. We spoke through the options and recommendations, and it was invaluable as a tool to help us think through some of the options we had. As someone who is not a system admin, it was brilliant to get insights and recommendations in plain English that we could talk through and resolve easily.
David Scholtz - Mallowstreet