Cobweb Secure

Ensure you have robust protection against potential cyber-attacks with Cobweb Secure.

A data breach or cyber-attack is damaging

Data and systems are any organisation’s most important assets. Cyber-attacks have increased by over 200% in the last year, costing small and medium-sized businesses tens of thousands of pounds. Businesses from SMBs to enterprises are becoming increasingly vulnerable to the threats posed by cyber-attacks as hackers and cybercriminals target them due to inadequate defences.

That’s why we’ve launched Cobweb Secure – an all-in-one security solution to keep you protected against cyber-attacks to your email, data & devices.

There's a plan for every business...

Secure your data

Cobweb Secure offers email protections against all cyber threats including phishing, malware and ransomware, as well as backing up all your Microsoft 365 data to a secure cloud, ensuring a double layer of security.

Secure your devices

Cobweb Secure Premium expands your cover to protect your equipment (up to 3 devices). The cost of replacing infected equipment and the remediation time can run in to £1000's and cause major disruption to your business and your customers.

Managed Services

Our managed services Cobweb Secure + and Cobweb Secure Premium + enables you to concentrate on running your business whilst we take care of your security. We will provide audits and reporting to ensure your systems are optimised against ever changing cyber threats.