Cobweb Complete
for Azure Managed Services


For any business looking to refresh its IT infrastructure, we believe that Microsoft Azure is the cloud platform to deliver modern business IT solutions.


Using our 20+ years’ cloud solution delivery experience, we’ve developed a range of services to help businesses deliver better business outcomes through moving infrastructure and applications to Azure – including for Identity & Access Management, Infrastructure Modernisation, and Database Modernisation – and have created the Cobweb Complete for Azure Managed Services to provide comprehensive ongoing solution support.


Service Description


The main reason for businesses to move their database platform to the cloud is to address shortcomings with their existing platform – for example:

Identity management


Advanced monitoring and management to keep the solution secure, available and high-performing




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Orchestrated platform maintenance includes patching and updates to keep your platform secure and compliant

Seamless sign on


Service management, including provision of a monthly comprehensive availability, security, and performance report

Password protection


Reactive support, with our cloud experts on hand to answer queries about your cloud-based IT solutions

identity management


Performance troubleshooting to identify and 

remediate performance problems

cloud services


The Cobweb Complete for Azure Managed Service can also provide for backup configuration,

management and monitoring.

Free Guide:

Getting started with identity and
access management (IAM) in your business

What every business owner needs to know about investing in IAM.