Cloud Server

The uncomplicated first step to the cloud

The cloud doesn't have to be complicated

Did you know that, when it comes to Microsoft, the “cloud” and Azure are the same thing? Most people we speak to believe that Microsoft Azure is an unwieldy technology that is welcomed in large, global corporations but has no space in their smaller business. But as you move to the cloud, and begin to enjoy the multitude of benefits that come with it, you’ll begin to use Azure more and more.

Taking your on-premises servers to the cloud, with Azure, is the first step to becoming a fully-cloud business. With a monthly fixed cost, it’s worry-free, simple and easy. So what are you waiting for?

The cloud doesn't have to be complicated

Common misconceptions about Microsoft Azure

Even though Azure is simply Microsoft’s name for its cloud, a lot of businesses believe that it isn’t for them — keeping servers on-premises for reasons that are really just myths.

But with a fixed-cost cloud server, you’ll quickly see how those myths aren’t true.

It's too expensive

Say goodbye to regular server maintenance cost (and all the headache that comes with it) and move to a fixed-price monthly fee that grows only when your server needs do.

It's too complex

Yes, Azure's potential is vast and it can seem overwhelming at first but moving servers to the cloud is the easiest and simplest way to start your cloud journey.

It's hard to know where to start

Understanding which servers can move to the cloud and predicting the costs doesn't need to be difficult.

Why you should move your servers to the cloud

Moving your physical on-premises servers is an excellent first move to having a cloud-first business — which has its own benefits — as well as experiencing the below benefits:

Reduce costs

With a cloud server, you only pay for your usage. Imagine the savings you could make if you removed the cost of physical server maintenance!

Fixed price

Once in the cloud, you'll pay the same monthly cost so you know exactly how much you're spending and can budget accordingly.

Easy to deploy

As part of your fixed price, we build the servers in the cloud for you.

We could manage it for you

If you'd like, our technical Azure experts could fully manage your cloud server as part of our Azure Managed Service

What can you move into a cloud server?

Perfect for SMBs or for projects within a larger business, a cloud server is the first step to making a switch to the cloud at a cost and pace that suits you.

NAS servers

Take your storage to new heights and only pay for the storage you use.

Basic applications

Move business-typical applications like SAGE, payroll, or your website, or online portal

Replicate data

Employees unable to access data that is held on-premises? Enable remote working with a cloud server.

Try a cloud server free for one month!

Discover whether your business applications can successfully run on a cloud server with our free trial.

Start your cloud journey today

Why Cobweb?

Here’s why you should consider Cobweb first when looking for a cloud applications provider.

We understand you

We get to know our customers. We take the time to learn about you and understand your unique business needs before recommending products and services.

We’re experienced

We were born in the cloud, and continually develop and evolve our services to offer cutting-edge solutions, at the forefront of cloud.

We’re accessible

We provide 24*7 UK-based support, which means our teams of experts are there for you, whenever you need us.

We invest in our teams

So that they have the skills and technical expertise to provide the best advice, guidance, world-class service and support.

We're committed

To delivering the best customer experience and use feedback from reviews and testimonials to ensure we’re providing the service our customers want.

We deliver ROI

Ensuring maximum value from your investment is critical - Cobweb has the highest user adoption for Office 365 apps & features.