Cobweb Disaster Recovery

Don’t leave the health of your business to chance. Go beyond backup to protect your business in real time so you’re back up and running as soon as possible after a critical incident.

When disaster strikes, the cloud is there to help

You need a disaster recovery plan to get back up and running after a critical incident. Our team will tailor a unique disaster recovery solution for you and test it regularly so that your business can continue to operate come what may.

Azure Disaster Recovery phases

Your customers’ expectations have never been higher. Even a small service interruption can send them looking elsewhere. Our disaster recovery planning service protects you from all kinds of disaster. We offer four phases:



We work with you to understand your disaster recovery goals and review your existing IT infrastructure. Then we propose a detailed disaster recovery plan.


We document your disaster recovery strategy, set up and deploy disaster recovery software, ensure the environment is secure, and test the disaster recovery process.


We maintain a watchful eye on your cloud and disaster recovery plan, constantly monitoring and analysing your cloud spend and usage.


We maintain a watchful eye on your cloud and disaster recovery plan, constantly monitoring and analysing your cloud spend and usage.

Disaster Recovery benefits

Our disaster recovery service supports you if you haven’t yet planned for the worst, or if you want to update an existing disaster recovery plan. Drawing on our decades of cloud experience we will partner with you to create the strategy you need based on Microsoft Azure cloud.


Simple testing

In the past, disaster recovery has been difficult to test smoothly without disrupting operations. Cobweb Disaster Recovery makes it easier to test site failover in the cloud without costly and cumbersome on-site procedures.


Our team of experts work with the customer to tailor a disaster recovery solution that meets their exact needs, meaning that the customer doesn’t have to compromise on safety or convenience.

Minimal costs

Don’t spent time and money setting up expensive equipment on multiple sites to manage disaster recovery. Manage the entire disaster recovery process with a single monthly fee.

Simple setup

Built-in site multi-site recovery from the cloud removes the need for complex on-premises setup.

Azure Disaster Recovery add-ons

Why not include Azure Disaster Recovery when purchasing other online services? Get complete peace of mind across your entire cloud portfolio.

Microsoft 365

Combine Office 365, Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security, and Windows 10 for an end-to-end productivity and security solution.

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Identity & Access Management

Control who accesses your data and applications in the cloud and on your premises with this Azure-based security system.

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Azure Cloud Backup

Azure Cloud Backup copies your cloud and on-premises data and applications to a second location, keeping it safe from disaster.

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Take care of business now and avoid headaches later

Why Cobweb?

Here’s why you should consider Cobweb first when looking for a cloud applications provider.

We understand you

We get to know our customers. We take the time to learn about you and understand your unique business needs before recommending products and services.

We’re experienced

We were born in the cloud, and continually develop and evolve our services to offer cutting-edge solutions, at the forefront of cloud.

We’re accessible

We provide 24*7 UK-based support, which means our teams of experts are there for you, whenever you need us.

We invest in our teams

So that they have the skills and technical expertise to provide the best advice, guidance, world-class service and support.

We're committed

To delivering the best customer experience and use feedback from reviews and testimonials to ensure we’re providing the service our customers want.

We deliver ROI

Ensuring maximum value from your investment is critical - Cobweb has the highest user adoption for Office 365 apps & features.