Why it's time for the cloud

Why it's time for the cloud

Cloud computing has captured the imagination of business leaders everywhere, and even though it has been available for well over a decade, the move to the cloud shows
no signs of slowing down.

2019 has seen a 24% increase in cloud budget, compared to 2018 (Flexera 2019 State of the Cloud Report)

Why are so many companies migrating their core business applications to the cloud?

This eBook sheds light on the main drivers for cloud adoption. It looks at the problems that modern companies face when dealing with on-premises software and applications, and how they affect everything from business growth to employee retention.

 Our eBook looks at on-premises infrastructure issues, including:

  • Costs 
  • Growth and scaling problems
  • Poor data visibility, productivity, and security
  • Inability to meet employee IT expectations 
  • Lack of agility and system availability

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