Power BI - The Evolution of Analytics

Power BI - The Evolution of Analytics

Until recently, there has been a disconnect between business intelligence solutions and the end-users that rely on the insights that they provide. Traditionally, the effective utilisation of BI was heavily dependent on IT professionals and data scientists; building data warehouses, data models, and creating reports for end users.

Reports might take days, or even weeks, to arrive on the desk of the end user. Of course, slow insight is better than no insight, and so, for the best part of three decades, the model remained unchallenged. Until now.

With Power BI, it is possible to delve into a range of data sources — both in the cloud and on premise — allowing end users can develop rich insights and reports using industry-leading visualisation tools.

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 Business intelligence 2.0: the power of cloud and self-service.

Introducing Microsoft Power BI.

Integration with Microsoft Office.

What makes Power BI different?

Why is Power BI a leader?

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