Moving from Hosted Exchange (HEX) to Microsoft Office 365

Moving from Hosted Exchange (HEX) to Microsoft Office 365

With 269bn business emails sent daily – a figure set to rise to 319.6bn in 2021 – it’s essential for businesses to be on the platform most suited to their needs, that it’s secure, cost-effective, and able to support the business’s future growth and development.

Cobweb is the UK’s leading Hosted Exchange (HEX) provider. Cobweb is also the UK’s #1 leading provider of managed cloud solutions, and while HEX remains an excellent platform and we remain committed to supporting the platform, we’re seeing an increasing number of customers choosing to move to Microsoft Office 365.

If you think that a move from HEX to Office 365 may be beneficial for your business, take a look at our eBook as a first step, and in which we cover:

✔ The main features and benefits of implementing Office 365

✔ Easy migration options – from self-managed to fully-manged by Cobweb, depending on your in-house expertise and skill levels

✔ The three tiers of Cobweb Cloud Support for Office 365

✔ Cobweb’s HEX customer, Arlington Automotive’s experience moving to Office 365.