Microsoft 365: The Definitive Guide

Microsoft 365: The Definitive Guide

As a business, you need to be flexible, agile, and ready to respond to rapidly-changing market demands, differentiating products and services in an increasingly competitive landscape and delivering exceptional service to customers.

As a business, you need to respond to the demands of tech-savvy employees and adapt to modern workplace trends, while protecting against the growing cybersecurity threat, meeting compliancy and data privacy regulations, and dealing with shadow IT and the use of personal devices in the workplace.

You might also be preparing for end of support for business staples Windows 7 and Office 2010 in 2020 (14 January and 13 October respectively), as well as for the retirement of Skype for Business in 2021.

Microsoft understands the challenges facing the modern business and has introduced a single platform that addresses mobility, collaboration, communication, security, productivity, and business insight requirements: Microsoft 365 - and incorporating the familiar productivity features of Office 365 and Windows 10 with the enhanced security of Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S).

Our eBook looks at:

  • Microsoft 365 — the features
  • Microsoft 365 — the different types of plans (Business and Enterprise versions)
  • Microsoft 365 — the benefits
  • Why buy Microsoft 365, rather than Office 365, Windows 10 and EM+S separately
  • And if you're not already, a brief look at the benefits of being in the cloud

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