Cloud UK Research - Cloud & the Digital Imperative

Cloud UK Research - Cloud & the Digital Imperative

Digital Transformation are the words of the moment in the IT industry and businesses are being told that if they don’t digitally transform themselves, they will wither on the vine. This may sound like hyperbole, but there is more than an element of truth here.

This Research Paper seeks to explore the ways in which UK businesses are using Cloud services today.

Topics covered in the research paper:

The Cloud Landscape, its adoption, deployment, usage, future plans to Cloud migration and the most popular applications to utilise Cloud computing

Who is making the to move to the Cloud? What is the average adoption and time to migrate to Cloud?

What are the main drivers for migrating to Cloud? What is the main benefit organisations have seen following their migration to Cloud? What are the main inhibitors or concerns for migrating to the Cloud?
How many organisations have a defined Digital Transformation Strategy in place? What are the top objectives for organisations who do have a Digital Transformation Strategy?

With Digital Transformation being seen as a core driver to success, download this research paper and take your first steps to make sure you don't get left behind.