Cobweb’s solutions incorporate FLEX Lite for Office 365 and SharePoint

Cobweb is delighted to announce the availability for Cobweb customers of ICS Solutions’ FLEX Lite – a tool for Office 365 and SharePoint platforms, which aims to help organisations drive effective digital collaboration with customers, partners and employees. Alongside a rich collaboration offering, FLEX Lite also provides an intranet for internal communication.

An out-of-the-box product, FLEX Lite has been developed specifically for SMBs, enabling businesses to access the full power of SharePoint and advanced Office 365 features without needing to master complex IT skills or undergo extensive training.

FLEX Lite provides:

- customer collaboration templates, including for creating sales proposals, marketing portals and delivery projects

- templates to support digital collaboration with partners, including for the development of project sites, literature portals and supplier selection options

- templates for enhancing communication between employees, supporting design of team, document collaboration, and internal project sites

- a packaged intranet and SharePoint collaboration solution.

Martin Neale, managing director at ICS explains, “The success of FLEX is its state-of-the-art automation engine.

“FLEX improves internal and external communications and simplifies core business processes, like expense tracking and time sheets, so that users can be self-sufficient, not dependent on IT support.

“After selling 70,000 seats in the enterprise and mid-market, we have refined the proposition for SMBs. ICS has been successful in setting up platforms quickly and cost effectively within enterprises – now we’re empowering small business in the same way. The challenges of enterprise-level IT integrations are over, turning SharePoint into an immediately useful business tool for all businesses.”

Michael Frisby, managing director of Cobweb said: “FLEX Lite offers a real opportunity for customers to obtain even more value from Office 365, and provides a solution which supports Digital Transformation within their businesses and increases employee engagement.”

For more information about FLEX Lite and to see if your business could benefit from implementing the service, register for our webinar Effective, affordable collaboration and enhanced information sharing with Office 365 and SharePoint, Thursday 11 May 2017, 1pm.

You can also visit our FLEX Lite webpage – or contact any one of the Cobweb Team (0333 920 6841 – or email us at sales@cobweb.com).