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Cobweb announces partnership with software vendor TermSet

Cobweb is delighted to have been chosen as the first UK distributor of TermSet’s SharePoint metadata and taxonomy automation software.  


While organisations are set up to be able to search and report on structured content held in databases and CRM systems, for example, they can be missing out on the abundance of information hidden away in the unstructured documents created daily - such as via Office, as PDFs, and emails. Analysts Gartner believes as much as 80 percent of an organisation’s data to be in unstructured format.


Brendan Clarke, TermSet co-founder, explains, “Most organisations recognise the benefits of implementing corporate taxonomy and metadata, but many are put off doing so as it can be difficult to know where to start, and manual creation and maintenance has a number of drawbacks.


“TermSet is straightforward to install, and value is realised within hours of being deployed.”

Cobweb TermSet

SharePoint was designed to use metadata to power features such as search, workflow, compliance and navigation. TermSet automates the application of rich and consistent metadata to SharePoint content using natural language processing, eliminating the need for IT to prepare taxonomies or for end users to manually apply metadata.


A cloud-based application, which runs on Microsoft Azure, TermSet requires no additional hardware or software, and for clients means effective content organisation, easy and fast content search, and even greater value from their Office 365 investment.


Michael Frisby, Vuzion’s managing director, says, “The way TermSet can review thousands of documents and automatically create the appropriate metadata and apply it to  each document is truly impressive, saving thousands of hours  in categorising and tagging content and helping end users find  the required documents quickly.


“Customers will be able to access all the information hidden  away within their rapidly growing silos of data, both in the cloud and on-premise.”

UK-based TermSet is the first to market with this innovative approach and their solution is used by companies globally.


For more information about the TermSet offering, visit Cobweb’s TermSet webpage, download a copy of the Cobweb TermSet service sheet – or you’re more than welcome to call the Cobweb team on 0370 218 8711 or email