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Neetika Rana
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Have you heard that Big Data is king? If managed properly it can unlock vast business opportunities enabling faster and more informed business decisions for a sharper competitive edge. 

More than meets the eye

Big Data is VERY BIG, extremely complex, highly diverse, and growing incessantly. Analysts estimate that this year every connected consumer will generate about 1.7 megabytes of data per second! Big Data is today’s essential success factor delivering insights that can help direct strategies, deliver crucial insights to ever-changing consumer preferences, and inform marketing campaigns. It can tell you what people want, when and how, and what improvements they would like to see.

With valuable and actionable insights, you can:

  • Make super-swift & informed business decisions.
  • Track customer preferences.
  • Track financial performance in real-time & use predictive analysis to forecast.
  • Gather crucial insights for improved operational efficiency.
  • Measure marketing spend ROI.
  • Identify new growth opportunities.

The challenge:

While many businesses understand the theory, their data management infrastructure has largely grown piecemeal over time resulting in a fractured framework where data is held in multiple, unstructured, and siloed sources that are hard to synchronize. Big Data benefits allude to these companies because it’s only powerful if it’s properly managed, used, and analyzed.

Some businesses also use outdated, out-of-support on-premises infrastructure such as Microsoft’s SQL 2008 & Windows 2008 servers. However, while Microsoft no longer supports these servers, it has options to manage these databases from its super secure Azure cloud. So, now’s the time to transition to Azure and start benefiting from its powerful analytics & visualization features.

What happens if you don't modernize?

  • Inability to correctly store and accurately analyze data in real-time.
  • Costs of running & maintaining outdated databases & technologies.
  • Receiving minimal or no support from old databases or technologies.
  • Lack of security & analytical support.
  • Constraints of a time-consuming, fragmented, multiple source data structure.
  • Inability to support critical web or mobile-enabled business models.
  • Losing out to more tech & data-savvy competitors

The solution:

CobwebComplete Data Modernization & Analytics is a fully integrated product & service offering which moves or migrates data, existing & outdated databases to a modern structure amalgamating all your multiple data sources into one for real-time access to critical data insights and real-time analytics (AI/ML/NLP). We can transfer existing on-premises legacy databases to the powerful & secure Microsoft Azure cloud using industry best practices and advanced software database migration tools. 

Real-time analytics with Azure:

Azure meets today’s data requirements as a single source combining data integration, enterprise data warehousing, and big data analytics. With AI and machine learning capabilities, Microsoft’s Power BI, and Azure Synapse, for instance, is a single-source solution that will secure data, offer the freedom to query data on your terms and transform analytics from a cost to a resource center.

The Modernization Pathway:

  • Discovery: We unearth your existing resources and identify your future needs.
  • Plan: We design a high-level implementation plan using tools based on the Microsoft Azure cloud.
  • Migration: We migrate each workload and harness the latest business intelligence and analytical tools to provide real-time data and use AI and Machine Learning so you can innovate.
  • Ongoing service management of database workloads
Download our Data Modernization guide now If you’d like to know more about modernization for the data-driven age.

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