Why 2019 Should be Your Year of Discovery

Ross MacKenzie
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Year of Discovery

It’s a simple fact of modern life – things change, quickly! And that includes the corporate environment where technology is now dominating C-suite strategies as never before. Decisions on which technology will drive the business are no longer the sole remit of the IT Department. Increasingly they are decisions taken by the CFO and even the CEO with the support of the CDO, who aligns technology to business strategy and chooses solutions fit for success.

The New C-suite Order

A tech-savvy C-suite is the order of the day and for many that may mean a whole new world to discover. The effort though will pay off handsomely with productivity hikes, staff retention, improved customer experience and sharper competitiveness – key success factors in the new conversational economy age, where the client’s voice now has the edge.

How to get C-suite Smarter:

At Cobweb we’ve identified a number of areas where C-suites can be much savvier in their technology approach. Implementation is a key case in point. By this we mean, we find companies buying in the latest solutions but failing to get the most out of their investment because they simply did not understand all of the features and how they could be used to improve their business.

Choose Wisely

Firstly, there’s the decision on which Microsoft 365 package should you opt for? Companies with 300 employees or less can opt for Microsoft 365 standard. Those with larger staff can turn to the E3 or E5 enterprise solutions. If combined with the Azure Information Protection (AIP) which classifies data and protects it from being seen outside the organization by email, or copying, or any other means, these enterprise solutions provide the security organizations need in a highly competitive landscape.

Ensure Full-feature Implementation

Implementation is proving to be a particular hurdle for organizations deploying Microsoft 365 the comprehensive, intelligent business solution, which empowers creativity and secure team work and includes Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security and more. We have found that many companies are not deploying every feature of this comprehensive, intelligent business solution and hence, not getting the most from their investment.

For instance, did you know that with the E3, the onboarding of new personnel has never been easier because this service includes INTUNE – the Windows auto-onboarding feature. This means staff no longer have to hand over laptops to the IT department for laborious upload of systems. Onboarding can now be handled even when staff are out of office. The IT staff simply take the laptop serial number to begin onboarding of applications and the whole task can be completed in around 30 minutes.

The Discovery Journey

At Cobweb we understand the complexities facing the C-suite, which is already time pressured. That’s why we’ve developed CobwebCompleteDiscovery – a new workshop format for C-suites which enables us, together, to find out what IT infrastructure they need to fulfil their business requirements, current and future, and how to ensure they are maximizing their IT investment returns.

The workshops – conducted by Cobweb experts over two days - can be carried out on a client’s premise when we will get to the bottom of key issues, such as: how do you currently license for Microsoft products? What do they do about data security? How do they deploy customer updates and protect their identity between the cloud and premises? ….. and more.

Once we get to the bottom of what is happening, and what needs to happen, we provide an IT road map to recovery and success, and if agreed, we can implement the solutions. And when Cobweb implements solutions you can be assured we deploy each and every feature for clients, not just some of them.

Who Should Start the Journey and How:

CobwebCompleteDiscovery is for any organization serious about maximizing its IT investment and ensuring it gets the correct solutions for its specific requirements and is deploying all the advantages on offer. It is particularly relevant for those still using Windows 7, which will be out of service by the start of next year which means Microsoft support will come to an end – so the time is right to ensure they have consistency of software.

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