What is VOIP?

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Wayne Hollomby, Cobweb Voice consultant, writes …

VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol – and refers more simply to cloud-based telephony!

These cloud phone systems can also be known as ‘cloud PBX (Private Branch Exchange)’ or ‘IP (Internet Protocol) telephony’.

And as a digital, cloud-based phone system, the need for servers and equipment is eliminated, while phone calls can be made from anywhere with internet connection.

Cloud-based phone systems have, therefore, been a lifeline for businesses forced to close offices and move employees to home working due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and for organisations and business generally as so many of us move towards a hybrid working model.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice – VOIP plus PSTN (public switched telephone network) breakout

A move to a cloud-based phone system brings huge benefits, and in addition to those outlined above, particularly when the system integrates with existing productivity and communication services.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice, for example, is integrated into Teams in Microsoft 365 and Office 365. Teams to Teams calling is VOIP, and Business Voice gives the additional ability to make and receive calls to and from numbers not cloud-based – landlines and mobile phones on the PSTN.

As well as the telephony features – such as:

  • Enabling phone calls to be made from anywhere with internet connection – via desktop, phones, or mobile apps
  • Incorporating dial-in audioconferencing, with web and video enabled online meetings
  • Including multi-level auto-attendant, call queuing, direct routing policies, voice routing policies, and call policies (group and personal),

with its full integration into Microsoft Teams, Microsoft 365 Business Voice:

  • Gives users a consolidated, unified experience for phone, chat, meetings and conferencing, and creates a simplified communication infrastructure – easier for admin, maintenance and billing.

Last month I wrote a blog, Skype for Business End of Life – creating a modern workplace with Teams & Business Voice, talking about how, with Skype for Business heading for retirement at the end of July this year, companies with Skype are moving to Teams. Additionally, many of these organisations are taking the opportunity to completely unify their communication channels, and implement Business Voice.

This is a natural transition for those businesses previously using Skype, but we’re also at Cobweb finding that increasing numbers of businesses with traditional on-premises phone systems are now also choosing to make the change to a cloud telephony system.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice offers an easy port facility enabling a simple move of existing phone numbers, along with the ability to select new numbers. Cost-effective and flexible, Business Voice is also offered in a number of set-up options to be able to suit any business’s requirements.

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