We were targeted by hackers!…but fear not…

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Microsoft recently notified customers of a nation state cyberattack targeting CSP Partners. The Nobelium attack, targets privileged accounts of service providers to move laterally in cloud environments, leveraging the trusted technical relationships to gain access to downstream customers and enable further attacks or access targeted systems.

But fear not, due to our class leading knowledge, protecting our systems with multiple layers of security, and ongoing monitoring, Cobweb and our customers were unaffected as the hackers failed in their attempts to gain access. Key to this, was our company wide use of multi-factor authentication, the importance of which was discussed in our blog last week.

Microsoft stated “These attacks are not the result of a product security vulnerability but rather a continuation of Nobelium’s use of a diverse and dynamic toolkit that includes sophisticated malware, password sprays, supply chain attacks, token theft, API abuse, and spear phishing to compromise user accounts and leverage the access of those accounts. These attacks have highlighted the need for all administrators to adopt strict account security practices and take additional measures to secure their environments.”

The threat from these more sophisticated organised teams of hackers, evolves constantly to probe new areas of systems for weaknesses.

Whilst we are pleased to be leading the way with our own cyber security, the attempted breach, and the various methods of attack listed by Microsoft above, show the need for all businesses to have robust, multi-layered security in place, beyond that built into standard packages.

This should be managed by either in-house IT experts with good security knowledge or through a partner with the capabilities to proactively monitor, update and report on the chosen security solutions.

You can find our more information on how we can review your current set-up here >> Security & Tenant Reviews