Vuzion 1st Microsoft 2-Tier CSP to automate Microsoft Azure

Ross MacKenzie
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CSP to Automate Microsoft Azure

Enabling partners to easily turn Azure into customer solutions and removing billing complexity.
Vuzion, the value-add Cloud Aggregator powered by Cobweb, today announced that it is the first Microsoft 2-Tier Cloud Solution Provider in the UK to offer resellers and ISVs automated delivery and billing of Microsoft Azure services through an integrated cloud marketplace in combination with value-add professional services.

The opportunity for Azure is now and growing quickly.  Microsoft recently announced Azure revenue growth of 127% year-over-year in their FY16 Q2 quarterly filing as they drive towards the goal of $20bn annual commercial cloud revenue by 2018.

Vuzion’s solution specialists assist both resellers and ISVs to turn the thousands of Azure components into tailored solutions in less time and with simplified but sophisticated back-end billing and management. Vuzion’s support enables any cloud reseller or ISV to be able to provide Azure-based solutions to their customers.

Once the solution has been designed, resellers are able to take advantage of the automated and unified billing of the Azure components included within the solution. This makes it easy to build and deliver solutions in line with customer needs, whilst providing full visibility on consumption and costs. The Vuzion billing service offers a seamless experience from invoice to payment collection, via credit card or direct debit payment options, minimising the overheads and complexities associated with consumption based billing.

Resellers and ISVs can leverage Vuzion’s 20 years’ experience in delivering cloud-based solutions to build their own differentiated offering on top of Azure – including IaaS and webhosting platforms, hosted desktop and hosted application services, backup and disaster recovery solutions, and SQL data platforms.

Julian Dyer, Vuzion CTO explained, “Making Azure’s billing work for partners is a complicated business and beyond the capability of most IT resellers. Vuzion’s first–of-a-kind service allows partners to resell Azure flexibly, without getting lost in the complexities of billing and service management. These new capabilities within the Vuzion platform massively expands the revenue and profit opportunities for any cloud reseller.”

The new capabilities are offered through Vuzion’s ‘Cloud reseller in a box’ programme and are also available for ISVs looking for help to cloud-enable their applications. Partners can easily move existing, or create new, Azure solutions via Vuzion in a few easy steps and be able to deliver additional value by accessing the full range of Vuzion’s cloud and professional services.

Special Offer

To help resellers and ISVs get started, Vuzion is offering a £250 Azure Service Credit for all partners who join the Vuzion smart ecosystem and start testing Azure before the end of May 2016.

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