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Chloe Mustafa
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As the global pandemic forces companies to transition to remote working, the number of Microsoft Teams meetings taking place has increased exponentially. Whether you're a newcomer to Teams or a seasoned owner of Microsoft 365, here are some tips to ensure you have the best possible experience with your online meetings.

1. Improve accessibility with dial-in capabilities

Dial in capabilities

The dial-in function is designed for participants with no internet access, or who are on the move, or perhaps prefer to dial-in. Any user enabled for Audio Conferencing will see dial-in instructions attached to Teams meeting invitation. By clicking on the dial-in number from a mobile phone, the phone dialer will automatically launch and dial the number.

2. Connect with people from within and outside your organisation

Inside and outside your organisation

Microsoft Teams enables you to host remote meetings with people inside AND outside your organisation. You simply need to include the email address of your external participants when scheduling a meeting and Teams will send out the email invitation. Your guest will simply need to click the link, enter their details and join the meeting.

3. Use video for face-to-face conversations

Go face-to-face

A video meeting is almost as good as meeting in person. Encourage users in Teams meetings to activate their video. Background blur helps ensure the focus stays on the participant.

4. Control your meeting

Stay in control

The meeting organiser in Teams has various options to define roles/permissions for participants in online meetings. For example, you could enable a lobby wherein you can define who is admitted into your meeting, and when. You can also designate individuals to give presentations, mute participants and use the record function, among other things.

5. Make use of digital ink

Digital ink

Microsoft Whiteboard enables everyone to contribute to brainstorming on a whiteboard. It's a feature in every Teams meeting, and participants can join in with touch or their mouse pointer to add to the brainstorming. Whiteboard sessions save automatically.

6. Control what you share

Share only what you need

When you share your screen in Teams meetings, you don't have to show your entire desktop. Visibility can be limited to a specific window, and control can be given to any participant who wishes to share their desktop or application.

7. Meeting captions

Meeting captions

Live captions provide subtitles in real-time, making meetings more accessible for the hard of hearing, those with different levels of language capacity, or anyone connecting from a noisy location.

8. Record meetings for anyone who couldn't make it

Don't miss the meeting, even if you missed the meeting

There's always the possibility that something will stop someone from participating in a meeting. Instead of holding another meeting to get them caught up, simply record the meeting as it happens. The recorded meeting saves to the cloud, and participants can explore the transcript skip to specific points in the meeting.

9. Use the best devices

There is a portfolio of Teams-certified devices that will ensure your Teams meetings have high-quality audio and video. By investing in these devices, you and your users can have the perfect solution for any space and working style.

Microsoft Teams is a powerful solution to enable organisations of all shapes and sizes to work together remotely via a rich and powerful digital workplace. It's available with a Microsoft 365 subscription and it is the ideal way to keep employees productive whilst the COVID-19 pandemic forces us to work from a distance.

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