Time management tips for the new normal

Neetika Rana
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Recent research carried out and commissioned by Microsoft shows that the COVID -19 pandemic will have a lasting impact on work and that the 9-to-5 workday may be a thing of the past. However, the findings predict that physical offices will not disappear with a new, part-office, and part-home working, emerging.

The research also denoted a positive shift in workplace sentiment with many respondents reporting an increase in their empathy for colleagues worldwide following their working from home experience. Additionally, over half (52%) of those surveyed said they felt more valued or included as a remote contributor in meetings with everyone in the same virtual room while Microsoft has also seen an uptick in the use of in-meeting chat as a channel for perspective sharing. Chat meetings within Microsoft Teams meetings increased more than 10-fold in the three months to June as the collaborative platform proved an indispensable and productive tool in the lock-down era.

And Microsoft’s Teams data points to an end of the 9-5, 5-day-week working lifestyle with the platform’s users working more frequently in the morning, evening hours, and weekends. Teams chats on Saturdays and Sundays have increased over 200%.

Microsoft is now boosting its Team features to help users better manage their time in the new blended work environment.

Focus status

This makes your fellow team members aware that you need to set aside time on your calendar for focused work. Microsoft Teams automatically switches to ‘Do Not Disturb’ during focus time, your status is set to ‘Focus and you only get notifications for urgent messages or those from contacts with priority access during focus time.

Quiet hours & quiet days

You can use the quiet hours and quiet days features to silence Teams notifications. It is important to set personal boundaries and optimize your work hours, particularly when working with teams spread across time zones, with varied work styles and job duties. On Teams mobile, you can set ‘Quiet Hours’ (for example, 7 pm to 7 am) and ‘Quiet Days’ (for example, Saturday and Sunday). This will help you remain in control of your after-work time and help relieve stress.

Stay tuned for further Microsoft innovations in organisational analytics and employee well-being.

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