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Clare Satchwell
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Clare Satchwell, Head of Product at Cobweb, writes …

There are all sorts of statistics about how essential effective teamwork is for the workplace - such as:

·       86% of today’s workforce - including at executive level - put workplace failures down to lack of collaboration and ineffective communication

·       97% of employees - and again across the business through to executive level - believe that where cooperation is lacking within a team, outcomes are adversely affected

·       Businesses that promote effective communication are 4.5 times more likely to retain good staff.

And one further stat to throw into the mix -

·       Over 80% of the professionals surveyed by digital platform organisation, Alfresco, say that they depend on technology to collaborate.

But this last stat comes as no surprise at all to us at Cobweb.

The team hub, Microsoft Teams, and an integral element of the productivity suite Office 365, is Microsoft’s fastest selling app of all time. Launched in 2017, Teams now has more than 20 million active daily users, and is a suite of invaluable tools that our customers are using more and more, and bringing together as it does messaging, voice calling, video meetings, and file sharing in one single platform, Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams and remote working

One of the major benefits of Microsoft Teams is that it empowers effective teamwork regardless of where team members are based - whether the team stretches across business location, or individually working from home, on-site with a customer, on the go in the taxi, or airport lounge.

The ability to enable employees to work remotely is essential for any business today.

At this time of the year, we’re used to having to deal with weather-related issues preventing people from getting into work. Snow hit hard in particular two years ago. Rail strikes can have a major impact on the workforce’s ability to get to work, while traffic incidents and roadworks can affect on any day of the week.

Today, of course, the workplace is facing potential major disruption due to the spread of Covid-19,  the coronavirus.

Keeping working during self-isolation and even if the office closes

We’re receiving many enquiries about how businesses can best protect themselves if they have to close, or employees are required to self-isolate for a period.

And with its effective work-anywhere advantages, Microsoft Office 365 and Teams is the software businesses are turning to.

If you’d like more information about Office 365 and Teams, call any of the Cobweb Team. We can advise you individually on the tools and applications within office 365 to best support your business.   

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