Stay on the right side of GDPR with Microsoft Azure

Ross MacKenzie
Tags: Microsoft Azure

The biggest recent shake-up for the IT world was the implementation of GDPR, the new legislation designed to streamline data handling laws for all EU citizens – no matter where the source resides. Responsive updates have now been reflected in the latest Microsoft Azure upgrades to ensure clients don’t fall foul of the new law… discover these and more here.

Here’s how Microsoft Azure updates keep you super-efficient and on the right side of GDPR:

Single sign-in shared

Storage Explorer now shares credentials with Visual Studio, so you’ll only need to sign in once to access both and your developer tools will stay connected to your Azure subscriptions.

Improved storage tiers

You can now categorise your access tiers as hot, cool and archive – only paying for the storage you’re using.

Share SAS URLs with ease

New Storage Explorer changes mean you’ll never need to worry about sharing files too large to email. You can now upload a file to blob storage and get a temporary access link to the file. And because you have complete control over how long the URL is valid, it’s perfect for sharing large files.

Manage backups with ease

With Storage Explorer’s snapshot tool, you can quickly and easily create a file backup copy before making changes and sharing.

GitHub feedback platform

Instead of filling out a survey or a questionnaire, you can now raise Storage Explorer issues directly on GitHub. This means you can search for issues other users have had, share workarounds and get updates when issues are resolved.

GDPR compliance capabilities

The new Azure Data Subject Request (DSR) portal and Azure Policy enable users to align their policies with GDPR.

Azure Security Centre updates

The new Security Centre offers unparalleled security management and threat protection to help website owners meet GDPR requirements. The updates allow users to apply security policies across workloads, limit exposure to threats, enable encryption and respond quickly to attacks.

Introducing the Compliance Manager

The Azure Compliance manager will ensure your site remains compliant, no matter what changes you make. It’s the perfect addition to your own GDPR accountability programme.

Manage data residency requirements

Azure has more global regions than any other cloud provider, which means you can be confident your customers' data is under control. You get high availability, disaster recovery and backup options should things go wrong.

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