Cloud PBX & PSTN - the Modern Way to Communicate

Ross MacKenzie
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Skype for Business

The power behind Skype for Business is the range of its cloud-based features.

Incorporated within the feature set are the recently launched Cloud PBX and PSTN offerings. Delivering the functionality of on-premise internal and external phone systems – without the cost of and responsibility for implementation and maintenance – the Skype for Business cloud versions also bring to business the additional facilities critical to support today’s working patterns and the 21st century approach to organizing and attending meetings.

Call routing, forwarding and delegation functions mean you’re never out of touch, the business is never out of reach. Reflecting recognition of the value of your time, quick dialing, distinctive ringtones and team calling put you in control.

But a further and wide-reaching advantage of moving PBX and PSTN capabilities to the cloud with Skype for Business is the video and conferencing facilities that can be accessed, enabling you to incorporate into your business the Modern Meeting along with the Modern Voice.

Skype for Business enables meetings to be set up and conferencing for up to 250 participants. The PBX and PSTN functions mean access is not restricted to connection within Skype but accessible via the phone network through provision of a telephone number.

Cloud PBX and PSTN Offerings

The suite delivers opportunities above and beyond those available with other tele-conferencing systems, not least due to its integration with Office 365 and that solution’s extensive features and functionality.

Instant messaging, the ability to share and co-author documents regardless of physical location, the requirement to attach supporting collateral (images, graphs, spreadsheets), audio conferencing – these all help to bring teams closer together, enhancing collaboration and productivity within the business and with customers, partners and third parties.

The way we work today is continuing to evolve. Remote working, the proliferation of centres and branches, plus the working-on-the-go ethos continuing to gain in prevalence means that the tools we use must continue to evolve.

A range of communication methods is vital and with in-build security and control features Skype for Business incorporating PBX and PSTN capabilities meets this demand and brings business communication into the 21st century.

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