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Ross MacKenzie

Introducing CobwebCompleteMicroSMB: The Right Product At The Right Time

Things are changing the UAE with a heightened focus now bearing down on entrepreneurs, including solopreneurs and startups. Never before have they been given the kudos in the Gulf that the Emirates are now showering on them.

In a major push towards making the emirate the entrepreneurial capital of the region, Dubai has launched a business incubator licence which offers 100 per cent ownership and investors can apply for the licence through the website of Dubai SME, an agency of the Department of Economic Development in Dubai. Proposals though will be assessed to ensure the businesses proposed are practical and capable of being implemented. The initiative is aimed at attracting local and foreign investment in SMEs and international expertise in business incubation and enhancing business competitiveness.

The business incubators will be able to provide a range of services including required workspace for entrepreneurs, consultancy and guidance on project development, and support for implementing innovations and applying the latest technology in product development.

There are now a number of agencies in Dubai working to spur on entrepreneurs - Dubai Startup Hub by Dubai Chamber and Hamdan Innovator and Incubator by Mohammad bin Rashid Establishment. It's all aimed at boosting Dubai’s SME contribution to GDP from 40% last year to 45% by 2021. TECOM has also introduced a highly competitive freelance licence which makes it easier than ever to set up as a solopreneur.

In the capital Abu Dhabi, moves have also been made to spur the sector on as part of the government’s AED50 billion economic stimulus package which include new visa reforms including the right of entrepreneurs to work from home, for the first time.

The entire UAE is abuzz with the potential of SMBs and insurance and visas reforms are being implemented to attract small businesses to invest in the country.

So strong is the drive that there are now 17 accelerator programmes, 12 incubators and 7 co-working spaces in the UAE and solopreneurs and startups are mushrooming throughout the country.

But while making the set-up legalities easier is a welcome move, SMBs need more help, particularly in the IT sector. They need partners that understand their needs and solutions specifically designed to be affordable, easily managed and with full back-up support. They need to remove the worry of an IT infrastructure from their to-do-list, so they can concentrate on what they want to do – build their business.

And that’s exactly why we at Cobweb Solutions UAE has created the CobwebCompleteMicroSMB service – an all-in-one, cloud-based IT solution for solopreneurs and start-ups at an affordable monthly subscription.

What is CobwebCompleteMicroSMB?

It’s a two-product cloud-based, hassle-free IT package designed to get start-ups and solopreneurs up and running at a highly affordable price leaving them to focus on building their business. Whether you choose CobwebCompleteSolopreneur or the innovative CobwebCompleteStartUp you will get productivity tools based on the Office 365 secure email and calendar service Microsoft Exchange, a Word Press-based website with a free .com domain, state-of-the-art web hosting on Microsoft’s open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform Azure and more. What’s more by paying monthly, you’ll be able to easily budget your IT costs.

When your business grows, you’ll be able to upscale to other services within the uniquely-tailored CobwebComplete series which is designed to help businesses get the most out of their IT investment, unlock opportunities and realise their full potential.


This is for the single operator – freelancers or contractors trading under their own name, people on the move or home-based. They want a basic, reliable IT infrastructure. And that’s just what this package gives them.

For just AED125 a month on a one-year contract you will get:

  • Three Exchange Mailboxes
  • Signature Manager to create and manage professional email signatures
  • Free Migration & Setup
  • Monthly Support
  • Free .Com Domain
  • Single Page Word Press Website with a content management system
  • Web Hosting


This solution is for the Gulf’s ever-expanding startup eco-system. They’re concentrating on market development and sales and need a highly dependable, affordable and hassle-free IT infrastructure. They need CobwebCompleteStartup.

For just AED175 a month on a one-year contract you will get:

  • Five Exchange Online Mailboxes
  • Signature Manager to create and manage professional email signatures
  • Free Migration & Setup
  • Monthly Support
  • Free .Com Domain
  • Three Page with WordPress website content management system
  • Web Hosting

Scaling is easy: If you grow rapidly within your year’s contract you can scale up to other CobwebComplete options – for instance the CobwebCompleteSMB, which helps with VAT compliancy at no extra costs and no contract time losses.

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