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Microsoft Analysis Puts Threats into Stark Focus

No one surely can be oblivious to today’s increasing threats of cyberattacks and the adverse impact they can impose on any business – and none is immune!

Now comes some startling results from a Microsoft analysis which shows that SMBs need to prioritize security just as much as any enterprise-level organization.

The Risk in figures:

The survey results show that 71% of cyberattacks are targeted at small businesses and that a staggering 55,000 devices are compromised every month. The average remedial cost of an attack to a small business is a heft US $900,000 – and that is for those that can survive because 60% of those SMBs who fall, victim, are forced to shut up shop!

And if that is not worrying enough, contemplate this: it takes hackers only four minutes to penetrate networks, but more than 99 days for SMBs to click onto the fact that they’ve been breached.

Why are SMBs so vulnerable?:

Because 30% of their user's open emails from bad actors with 10% clicking onto spoof attachments or fraudulent links and 53% share these. 63% use passwords that are weak, default, or even stolen.

So, why don’t so many SMBs have the security they need?

There are three main reasons given:

  • Security is too complex.
  • Security is too expensive.
  • Security is not a business priority.

But in each case, the SMBs are mistaken and here’s why

Security is too complex?

If you have a managed service provider, life couldn’t be easier. They’ll get you the solutions you need for robust protection.

Security is too expensive?

SMBs typically spend about 15% of their budget on security and they can boost their protection without necessarily spending any more, just spending it right.

Security is not a business priority?

Security should be a priority especially if you deal with customer information. The risks identified above are just too great not to prioritize security. 

Microsoft 365 Business - Business Savvy way to reduce risk:
One Solution:

There is one solution that can answer SMB concerns – it’s Microsoft 365 Business - a comprehensive suite of enterprise-grade security tools curated specifically for SMBs to provide security across identity, email, and devices.  It’s a simple, cloud platform solution that reduces costs for both multiple third-party vendor solutions and maintenance spend. You will be relieved of compliance concerns with the business being protected against risk-related costs.

Microsoft Business 365 safeguards businesses against both external threats and internal leaks and lets you control who has access to sensitive information. Your staff will be securely productive whether working remotely or onsite. 

How it works:

The solution’s security tools work across various seamlessly integrated endpoints.

Identity Security: 

In Microsoft 365 Business, you can manage identity by enabling Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Conditional Access (CA).


MFA is highly recommended to prevent cyberattacks even if your credentials are compromised.

Conditional Access:

Let you control access to your systems based on location, app, device state, and user state. It’s very effective in safeguarding access-based multiple criteria rather than just relying on usernames and passwords.

Email Security:

SMBs cite phishing attacks as their biggest worry. Most phishing occurs through email which Microsoft 365 Business protects against as it includes ‘Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection’ with AI-powered analysis to detect and discard suspect messages, will automatically check email links, and leverage anti-spoofing intelligence to alert against domain impersonation.

Device Security:

Microsoft 365 Business protects devices from external threats via Windows Defender Ransomware Protection which has top-rated pre-breach capabilities while Conditional Access for Device Compliance ensures that non-compliant or vulnerable devices can’t access business resources.

What now?

If you’re an SMB looking to rethink your approach to IT security, call us now on +971-4427-2420 or email at You can lean on us for the best advice -we don’t just sell licenses, we provide solutions to protect and grow businesses.

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