Power-up your comms with Kaizala Pro

Ross MacKenzie

Communication – it’s the vital glue that enhances productivity and efficiency yet can be difficult to achieve business-wide in the modern workplace era when staff are operating from moveable locations. But the risk of vital comms message falling through the cracks could soon be a thing of the past with the introduction of the newly launched Kaizala Pro version of this Microsoft mobile messaging and chat app. This powerful messaging solution is available as a free app from Google Play or the Apple Store and the newly launched Pro version, available on a highly affordable monthly subscription, boasts many extra features.

Understand the Kaizala Pro benefits

This secure and easy-to-use mobile messaging app is ideal for managing work within your business and communicating company wide. It lets you connect staff, partners, customers and vendors, send instant messages, invoices and actions all from one simple interface with work scheduling functionality.

Gain crucial insights

You can also send images, audio files and other attachments with Kaizala Pro and, crucially gain access to valuable feedback which can be used to enhance and amend the business offering. You can send out customer polls or surveys via the chat interface and get the results back in a handy report format.

Here's the Xtra you can get from Kaizala Pro

  • More group management tools that simplify your ability to look after your Groups
  • Full user management gives you full control over your Kaizala groups. You can erase group data from a device and remove people from any group
  • The intuitive Management Portal lets you set-up public groups which can include anyone relevant to the conversation whether colleagues or stakeholders
  • Customize actions to your specific business needs
  • More shrewd strategic planning ability with more advanced analytics and reporting which provides highly detailed breakdowns of poll and survey results
  • Total system integration with unique API functionality — connecting your whole company with one simple app

As a collaboration tool Kaizala is hard to beat but the new functionality of the Pro version can bring huge efficiency benefits particularly for SMEs who are looking to work smarter. And this solution is so smart that all you need is a phone number for each person and you really are in business!

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